Monday, October 29, 2012

Answered prayers and priesthood blessings

Hello everyone!
Its pretty crazy as all ways, Mondays keep rolling around and I have know idea where my weeks have gone.. Haha anyways it was a good week! We took 2 of our investigators to the temple on Wednesday night and it was way cool! Byron and Francis are their names and they have been investigating the church for like 3 years and haven't been progressing and yeah its gets frustrating at times. But anyways we took them through the temple on Wednesday and by the end of the tour they were both in tears and I like had to hold my self back I was soo happy! Byron was looking at the picture of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus after in the church building and he told us that he's been dragging his feet for awhile now and he needs to just take the step forward! holy cow what a miracle! we are going to set a Baptismal date hopefully with him this week and yeah it will be so awesome! 

I prayed like the whole tour that their hearts would be softened and their spirits receptive to the promptings of the holy ghost and wowza! Does Heavenly father answer prayers or what!!!

haha so Tuesday night and all of Wednesday except for the tour we did missionary exchanges.. haha I got put with this brand new missionary for the day and he was a pretty ummmm strange in a good way i guess haha. It was a good experience though I'm so glad I got the opportunity to lead the area and well train a greeny lol haha he's a good kid! anyways while I was with him one of our investigators called and said she was in the hospital about to have surgery and she wanted a blessing, so we rode over straight away.. I'm not going to lie I was crazy scared and nervous(its the first blessing I've ever given) I can tell you though that the blessing she received was not form me.. I was so nervous I could hardly think when I was about to start yet the words flowed out and yeah.. It was a awesome experience! Her surgery went well and she got out of the hospital the next day and is moving around great now! 

The Lord is truly amazing in his ability to bless people.. I am glad I was worthy and want to always be worthy enough to allow Heavenly Father to bless people through me. 

I Love all of you! I'm praying for yall like crazy! that storm sounds pretty crazy! I hope it stays away from yall and everyone will be safe! Love Elder Aaron Steele Macfarlane!

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