Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Enterprise Oregon!

Sooo all yall hey!!!
I am super stoked about today!! we got up at 5 this morning so we could drive up early to Enterprise and have personal study lake side at Wollawa lake! Holy cow!! I hope you can kinda tell from the pictures how pretty it is up here!! the lake is gorgeous! its fed by a mountain stream that runs from the year round glaciers at the top of the mountains up here! I've never see water so clear in my life! It looks like a natural swimming pool its so clear!(which makes it pretty dang tempting...) hahaha but ya its great! we studied lake side on some tables and it was seriously so peaceful and serine! the bird were out and its like seriously the perfect temperature today 68!! haha sorry but be jelous!! Its actually a pretty big tourest area so it has some really cool buildings and shops and stuff that we might check out! There's this lift thing that we are goin to go up that take you to the top of the mountains and apparently you can see all the way over to Idaho from the top! siked!! haha thought Id let ya know! Its kinda out last hooraa P-day because I'm probably getting transferred this next week and everyone told me I had to see this place!

      The work this week was surprisingly good! Haha we had a bunch of canceled appointments and stuff but we were able to make the most of it and turn out a pretty solid week! we broke our record!! 34 lessons this week! and what was cool is that alot of them were with new investigators that we found! We were seriously blessed this week! I've have had a hard time getting over being scared to talk to people on the street and stuff.. not that I haven't done it but I've always gotten really nervous. But this week I decided what the heck and I worked hard to get over it! On Saturday we had an appointment fall through and we prayed that the Lord would put people in our path and then walked around this apartment complex and holy cow!! we found 8 new investigators in 1hr!! including a couple awesome young families!! we just opened our mouths and we were definitely blessed because of it! We have some follow up appointments this week and I'm really hoping that we can really start teaching before I leave! He also had 3 lessons with James this week! It was his last week of school and he's going home on tuesday after finals. He kind of pulled me aside after our lesson last night and he told me that he would email me and let me know when he decides to get baptised so I can come up if I can! That made me freakin happy!! haha we tried to set a date with him a few times but he's a true bio major and wants to finish reading the BOM and some gospel library things so he could be a more educated member when he s baptised! He told us how he has come to a knowledge the past few months of Gods love for him and he says its one of the best feelings ever!! we are super excited for him!
The Shoemakers read and prayed and we didn't have time for a full lesson with them on friday because it was Lynn's 17th B-day and she was having a party we did get to visit for a little and they want to talk about there experiences reading this week! We had a awesome lesson with Suzanne On Thursday and she is looking very solid to be baptized on her date! She came to church by herself yesterday!! haha we had quite a few people show up for church which is always awesome! we had a amazing lesson with Roddy Blessem and his family and we talked about the priesthood and how he will be able to bless his family as a worthy priesthood holder! Anne and Mallory went to the Temple to do Baptisms for the dead saturday!!! they both had really awesome experiences!! Anne had the work done for her husband, parents and some other relatives! Anne also got her Patriarchal blessing yesterday and because she said that we are her closest thing to family she wanted us to be there! That was a really cool experience! I've never her a more spcific blessing that was so full of personal revelation that Anne needed! She's crazy but she is so awesome to haha!

   That was about it for the week! I'm excited for this week! we have some really exciting meetings planned! I'll let you all know about transfers and I'll be sure to take tones of pictures with people! I love you all so much and I do truly love this work! It hit me how much love heavenly Father has blessed me with for these people and I am so grateful for it!
I love ya! I love my Heavenly Father! and I love my Savior!
Thanks for the love and support! couldn't do it without yalls!!!

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