Monday, May 20, 2013

Record setting week!

Welllllll hey there all of yous guys!
    Holy cow this week has been great! I think skypeing was a boost that just slingshoted us forward for the rest of the week! I love and miss you guys a bunch though! We taught 32 lessons this week!!! thats my mission record so far! It was so awesome we had a ton of just amazing and powerful experiences! We also found a few people who are just so incredible and ready to accept the Gospel in their lives!! on top of all of that good stuff we were also able to do a bunch of awesome service!!! I talk more in detail  in just a second! It was just a crazy busy week and I loved every second! We got to help and talk to soooo many people! Its really pretty incredible when you take a step back at the end of a hard day's work and you try and think about all of the people that you were able to talk to and help! It like one of the best feelings ever!!
"Meditating on the Mountain"
   Ok so awesome lesson experiences for the week! For starters Suzanne!! such an amazing lesson! We were going to finish teaching her the Plan of Salvation but as we stared talking and awensering some of her questions we moved in a different direction. We taught about the Holy Ghost and how we feel it, I had the Idea to describe the feeling of warmth and tell her how the Holy Ghost can calm our minds when we are troubled and Sister Royer (a member who was at the lesson) said the exact same thing right before I said it and read the same scripture I was going to read!! Suzanne started crying and said that the past week she was having some mental issues where she got really down on herself and was wondering if all of the heartache is worth it.. She said as soon as she started thinking like that she prayed and her mind was calmed and the most incredible feeling of peace came over her. She said that her issues cause her to think down on herself alot and she had never experienced a sudden peace and calm before ever! we talked about the gift of the holy ghost and she got super happy! Its incredible when things like that happen and you just think holy cow all of the things we teach are so real and they really help so many people! Suzanne came to church on Sunday and really liked it!! We pushed her Bap date back a few weeks to June 15th so we can help her feel more comfortable with the ward first!! We are super happy for her! 

We taught a woman named Eden in Union on Friday  She has been best friends with a member in the ward there for her whole life. We started out just talking about what missionaries done but eventually she stared asking all kinds of questions!!! Her mom had passed away a few weeks ago so we talked to her about the Plan of Salvation and it was super powerful! She was so excited to read from the Book of Mormon and pray about it! She also came to church on Sunday!!! haha she cried through all of the songs because they were all about Heavenly Fathers love and there was a primary musical number "Families can be together forever" wow!! so perfect for her and she said she felt all warm but with goose bumps!! We are going to invite her to be baptized this week!! 

We had an awesome lesson with Doug. We prayed a ton before and we definitely had some help during the lesson. He has read so much from the Book of Mormon and he is so interested and trying to find out fo himself all of this stuff! his hang up is he doesn't like organized religion because so many terrible thing have been done in the name of religion.. But He's coming along! We were able to go up to his goat herding farm thing and it was so awesome!!! he has a log cabin up there with literally no electricity!! it looks like some thing off little house on the Prairie !! haha we halped him put up a bunch of fence to make a little pasture for his goats. Poor guy get so tired because of his ALS.. but he is seriously the most humble and thankful person in the world. I love that guy so much, He's someone I couldn't picture Heaven without! haha he told us all kinds of stories of his adventures up there just hearing his flock! its really one of the coolest things ever! haha he also has a fire heated hot tub up there and a stream cooled fridge! We are going to go up to his cabin and have a candle lit lesson in the mountains here pretty soon! I still need to get a picture with him!!! 
Doug's cabin
Ok so that about what I have time for.. We had really good lessons with James, and Brian, and Tulley!! Ok real quick Tulley is Anne's grandson who is liveing with her for the summer and he's a super nice guy but just did not want to meet with us.. But we talked to him for awhile last week and he finally started asking questions. We asked if we could come back and have a lesson with him and he accepted!!! so sick! the lesson went really well and he said that he's be baptised as he came to know our message is true!! we gave him a BOM and asked him to start at the beginning! We came back the next day to help Anne prepare for a visitiing teaching lesson and he apologized to us because he had only read 15 pages!!!! holy cow!!! he prayed about it too and he said he felt really good afterward! he has so many awesome questions and he's been takeing notes as he reads!!! so sick!! we have a lesson with him this week and we are so pumped about it! So ya we had a bunch of miracles this week and a ton of answered prayers! I'm actually going to be in Boise for 2 days this week (Thursday & Friday) for this leadership training thing with President Cannon! I'm pretty excited I'll get to spend some more time with him before he goes! soo that will be crazy but the week looks good! I'll be on exchanges those days! 

Hahaha I can't believe its my Birthday already! thats nuts!!!! thanks in advance for all of the Birthday wishes and prayers!! I love you all so much! Holy cow I love being a missionary! its pretty dang awesome!!!! have a great week! try not to cry from missing me to much on the 23rd ;) hahaha jk! I'm doing what I need to on ma B-day! 
Love E macdawesome! Lol or just Aaron!!! Holy cow no more teenage for me!!!!!!!!!!

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