Monday, September 16, 2013

See you tomorrow!

Well I guess I can just tell you about my week tomorrow.. Its still unreal thinking that I'll be on my way back to VA.. Crazy stuff!!

I'm gunna get some good pictures taken today and hopefully have some fun to! I'm actually not nervous at all which is weird.. mainly because its still not sinking in no matter how much I tell myself I'm leaving its just hard to believe ahah I guess thats a good thing!

We have a couple lessons scheduled tonight which will be awesome! I'm glad that I'll get to teach! Its actually crazy looking back at the past week how the Lord blessed us and allowed me to do some good work!! we taught 26 lessons!!! which was so awesome!! we had 14 lessons taught with members present! that is way good for missionaries! we also found 13 new investigators!! in a normal week you find like 2. We had an awesome time working with the Burmease!! we found a new family! they are going to be setting 4 Baptisimal dates with Burmease next week!! so tight! the only problem is i didn't get pictures with most of them.. but thats ok :) I think i might try and request this area as my last one! get some Burmease language down!

We also found an awesome new English family of 5 to teach! the dad is a la member but the wife and the kids are so ready to learn!! they fed us steak last night for dinner. But ya there was a bunch and I loved every second of it :) The only time reality hit in and I started to really feel going home was last night when we were watching Finding Faith in Christ with Shawna Bowman who is a way cool investigator. Anyways I was just sitting there watching the spirit testify to Shawna that Christ is the way back to our Father in Heaven and it was just dang...I'm doing something eternally important right now. The message that Shawna is learning and receiving will completely change her life and everything. I felt super grateful that I have been able to share that with others for the past year.. I know I haven't even been close to the most successful missionary. And I have so much to work on. But I've worked my hardest.. I can honestly say I've tried my hardest everyday so far even when I didn't want to and that feels good :) haha It feels even better knowing that I'll get to keep doing this stuff and get fixed up at the same time!

I love you all! See some of you tomorrow! 

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