Monday, April 7, 2014

Bomb Week Fo Sho!

Que pasa calihasa?
haha thats not even close to correct spelling but one of my zone leaders is a Spanish missionary that came out at the same time with my so he's been teaching me up en some espanol slang haha. Its suppose to mean whats up pumkin? haha anyways.. This week was so awesome!!! man I can't even believe its Monday again because this one seemed to fly by! Conference was awesome as always and man! It was just way good!

We got to go on a temple trip as a district on Tuesday!! that was so incredible! The spirit was so strong and it was just nice to feel confidence and recharge to do the Lords work! I was thinking about and praying alot for added strength to become the absolute best missionary the Lord can make me and the opportunity to have the holy ghost with me all the time to guide me in my work this time around. I felt like I definitely got some specific answers in the temple that helped prepare me to receive even more during conference! After our Temple trip on Tuesday I went on exchanges with elder Spencer in his area! man that was so fun! Him and his comp E Teione the big poly guy are so awesome! They both want to work hard and be the best missionaries they can be which to me means everything in the world. That's something I felt alot this week was just overwhelming gratitude for the missionaries I get to serve and work with. Anyways Friday we did exchanges again but with our Zone leaders this time. I got to go with E Eisenhower which was sooo awesome because he was in my mtc district and we have always been good friends! It was awesome to catch up with him and learn from him. He's a little older then the rest of us(24) but even if he's older I've always admired how humble and Christlike he is. He is always willing to learn and listen and for the most part be obedient ;) haha I love him!
 then of course this weekend was conference!!! I loved all the talks! it just really hit me again that these men truly are prophets and they receive direct revelation and authority from God. It made me want to strengthen my testimony in a living prophet so that I can always have the faith and humility to boldly follow anything the prophet tells us. I was just super grateful that we have direction from Jesus Christ even while he isn't currently on the earth. I definitely felt the spirit confirm that it really is Christ who is at the head of our church. I loved E Uchtdorf's talk it was super bomb! I've needed to hear it because we really can be grateful in any circumstance! like Richard the dude I told you about last week he has just about nothing in the world as far as possessions but he can still tear up praying to God and praising him for is continual goodness and mercy towards all of us. I know that's true and that's a lesson I need to keep learning. Hahaha probably more know then ever because things have been going so awesome! I do love being a missionary! I love being able to make a difference in someone's life by showing them a way and a person who makes all of the difference. Something else in conference that hit me was just the need to always be willing to do what is right and let everything else follow how it will. I want to live the gospel always and put it first because really what else matters in the end? The Gospel covers like everything that is of real importance in this life especially our families! I love you guys! I love your examples to me and the people around you! have a good week! and live what we learned in conference! I know that its by living true principles we receive the full blessings!

Love E Aaron Mac!

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