Monday, March 31, 2014

It a beautiful day in the Neighbor hood!

Hhahaha actualy it was way cold wet and rainy this week ;) hahaha but thats fine! It was actually kinda soothing because it reminded me of home seeing as it NEVER RAINS here haha. It was all and all a very good week!! We really have been super blessed! We have a bunch of awesome people to teach that I didn't get to tell y'all about last week so I'll give ya a run down of whats been going on!

Well I'm stationed in the Twin Falls South 10th ward. Which really is a pretty sweet ward! Our ward boudaries are super big fo an Idaho ward which is a huge blessing seeing as we only cover one ward now and we need a bunch of people to teach! And thats another thing I feel that we have been blessed with is People to teach!!!! Its not quite like before when we would have like 40 investigators but its still pretty dang solid. We taoght a Part member family, Rick and Renae fischer, They are super awesome! they feed us dinner ever Wednesday eveing and we do lessons after :) its fun<3 Rick says he's a Lutheran and Renae hasn't been to church in 7 years but before that she was super active and sent one of her sons on a mission and everything. She still knows the church is true she's just having a hard time coming back. Buttt they both came to church last week!!! haha unfortunately Rick wasn't overwhelmed so we'll see what it takes ti get him back! He's a busy guy and he likes to work on projects all day and hates wasteing time and he just feels like 3 hours at church will take all his time to do work around the house and yard and stuff. Little does he know that he'll be giving all of that stuff up to rest on sunday here pretty soon ;) hahaha but ya they are both making be strides and we're so happy for em! We teach this young Mexican mother of 2 named Silvia Chaves and her kids as well. She had us over for dinner on friday!! haha we got there at 5 like she said and she was just then really starting to cook but she was super relaxed and just enjoyed visiting for awhile and all that hahaha she is super Mexican in that way :) also a bomb cook! haha we had a super awesome lesson after dinner though about how we can build and develop our faith in Jesus Christ and the spirit was super strong! We invited her to be baptized but she said she wanted to learn a little more before she does it! But after we really challenged her to read Moroni 10 and kneel down and pray that night if it was true and she said that she felt very peaceful when she prayed :) she's been coming to church with her kids for the past 2 weeks and the ward has been so awesome and welcoming. She is one of the elect that have been prepared to receive the fullness of the gospel that the scriptures talk about! We teahc this guy named Richard Millhouse who lives in this home for guys who need a cheap place to stay while they get back on there feet. He's a carpenter and he recently had rotator cuff surgery on his shoulder and he's in the same sling thing I was in soo I thought that was really neat because I know about how much he's hurting and what his limits are. We were just walking by on Saturday night and we saw him out side smoking and called over and went up to say hi for a sec(it was getting kinda late) He was not in the best mood and told us that he had a really hard day and he was just feeling overwhelmed with everything. He said that then said not tonight boys and started to walk away but a got a very clear impression that we needed to say a prayer with him so I called after him and asked and he said it was fine and came back over but only if I said it lol.. haha I felt the spirit so strong while we were praying kinda huddled in a circle in the dark and after I said amen he said "just hold on there Lord we're not done yet" and he said one of the sweetest prayer about how grateful he was for us and he asked the lord to watch over his "little brothers" while we were walking around in the dark :) He invited us to dinner with him on Tuesday and yaa :) its just cool! I had a clear vision of him dressed in white getting baptized and I wan that so bad for him! We have a bunch of other people and family's we are working with including a young ingle mom and her 2 kids that we just started teaching yesterday!!! that was another huge blessing! 

All and al I'm loving the work :) Its been hard for sure. And I still feel pretty rusty but when I need it most I have felt strength to be bold and words come into my mouth. I know that God is really there and that he loves us because he's been letting me see a small portion of his love for all these people I've just met! I love you all so much!! I couldn't do this without my incredible family! Remember how much He loves us this week and get ready for some serious revelation at general Conf!!! Have an awesome week!!!!
Love Elder Macfarlane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1whahahaha or Just Aaron ;) love ya! 

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