Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Week!

Hey everyone!!
Sooo this week freally flew by! hahha it really pretty crazy! I can't believe that its already been a month since I've been out on my mission! haha wierd huh? Thanks for the Emails they are so awesome! This week was pretty dang good! haha it wasn't super full of lessons like normal but it was full of some good missionary work I though!

First off we had a zone conference that was way cool! I learned abunch about new teaching skills and how I can improve myself as a teacher! haha I thought I was a good teacher but then I realized I need a ton of work lol.. Thats actually been something that has been kinda hard for me this first month.. I used to be such a confident teacher and I felt like my teaching was way more effective! but recently Its been hard to get my confidence back and get back into the rythm of teaching again. We are now supposed to have only 10-15 minute lessons because we are focusing on shorter and more powerful messages.. haha and teaching the entire plan of salvation and restoration in 15mins is way hard if you try to be an effective teacher by using scriptures and asking inspired questions and all that! haha pretty much your lesson has to be perfectly planned out! which is something that really hit me because back home if I had to give a talk or teach a lesson I would spend a few hours getting it ready and preparing it. That is how our missionary lessons should be with the same amount of preparation and all that stuff! haha because I have gotten into a bad habbit of thinking I already know the lesson and how to teach it so I really don't need to put a whole ton of prep work into it. So thats something I've been trying to work on! and my companion is working really hard too! We teach way different and we've kinda clashed with our teaching styles so we've been working hard to get unified so we can teach powerfully.

Ummm We found a new family this week!!! the Chockers!! they are a young couple with 2 way cute kids and a little blonde 2 year old named Miranda haha which actually kinda looks like the wittle version of you dear sister ;) haha but anyways josh is a convert of 10 years and sarah has taken missionary lessons in the past but just never had a desire to find out if it was true or not.. anyways they have been going to a bunch of different churches the past little while and each one has fallen apart by some kind of disagreement or scandal.. They were talking about it the night before we came over and they decided that they wanted to raise their family in our church because its the only one that has always remained constant! hahaha sooo we had a bomb lesson and we are going to set a baptismal date with Sarah this week!!! I'm so stoked because they are definitely really prepared and they want to raise their family in the gospel and support eachother and its way cool!! We had a bomb Mexican breakfast and lesson with Silvia this week! haha she like's to cook for us before lessons so we don't complain ;) she's the same way and she wants to raise her family in the church and she says that she has just felt more at peace the past few weeks since she has been coming to church! We had a super powerful lesson with Rick and Ranae last night where we watched the restoration video with them and then we testified about the prophet Joeseph Smith. I really realized how much I loved him this past week. I've always felt close to Joesph Smith and I've never really doubted that he was a prophet but we had a lesson in church about him and it seems like we've been listening to a bunch of music about him and what he did and I just felt in my heart that I knew him before this life and that he is my close friend and that I know he was a good and rightous man who really did see God and our savior and was actually called to be a latter day prophet. It just felt cool :) haha because I get to tell people about what he did and I get to defend who he was! Anyways Rick really sarted to feel the spirit and the Elder manygoats asked his wife ranae what the Prophet Joesph Smith meant to her and as she bore her testimony I could definitely tell Rick was touched! He's coming along ;) haha those were the highlights!
This week we are teaching a special easter message that me and manygoats prepared to a bunch of Ward members and we are super excited about that! I love Easter! I've been reading the gospels and a bunch of talks on the Atonement and I have just felt so grateful and so happy that Jesus Christ is a real and actual person and everything that is written about him in the scriptures is true :) anyways its been a good week and I know this next one will be a good one too!! Remeber Jesus this week ok? remeber that he died for us but more especially remember that he lives for us still! I love the scriptural account in Luke 24 "why seek ye the living among the dead? He is not here, He is risen!" That is so true and I love it! I love you guys!! have a super dope week and get work done! Mic and Joe you need to get some school work done from all this crazy break you have been haveing ;) haha I'm gunna miss you guys on Easter but just know that I am haveing a blast and I'm with people I really love and care about<3 haha But since your my fam and all that I guess I love you more ;) anyways I love you guys! Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Elder Macfarlane!

so we ran into a few families with the cutest little kittens and the we went to this fam who seriously has a doc dewlittle type thing going on with like every kind of animal possible but the baby rabbits where the cutest :) haha they have this giant rabbit that is house trained and you can take for walks on a leash and stuf!! so dope! haha and then I ran into Rockhard is my little brother from the last family I lived with before I left! It was so awesome to see him again!!! soo yup! lol fun times :)

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