Monday, October 29, 2012

Answered prayers and priesthood blessings

Hello everyone!
Its pretty crazy as all ways, Mondays keep rolling around and I have know idea where my weeks have gone.. Haha anyways it was a good week! We took 2 of our investigators to the temple on Wednesday night and it was way cool! Byron and Francis are their names and they have been investigating the church for like 3 years and haven't been progressing and yeah its gets frustrating at times. But anyways we took them through the temple on Wednesday and by the end of the tour they were both in tears and I like had to hold my self back I was soo happy! Byron was looking at the picture of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus after in the church building and he told us that he's been dragging his feet for awhile now and he needs to just take the step forward! holy cow what a miracle! we are going to set a Baptismal date hopefully with him this week and yeah it will be so awesome! 

I prayed like the whole tour that their hearts would be softened and their spirits receptive to the promptings of the holy ghost and wowza! Does Heavenly father answer prayers or what!!!

haha so Tuesday night and all of Wednesday except for the tour we did missionary exchanges.. haha I got put with this brand new missionary for the day and he was a pretty ummmm strange in a good way i guess haha. It was a good experience though I'm so glad I got the opportunity to lead the area and well train a greeny lol haha he's a good kid! anyways while I was with him one of our investigators called and said she was in the hospital about to have surgery and she wanted a blessing, so we rode over straight away.. I'm not going to lie I was crazy scared and nervous(its the first blessing I've ever given) I can tell you though that the blessing she received was not form me.. I was so nervous I could hardly think when I was about to start yet the words flowed out and yeah.. It was a awesome experience! Her surgery went well and she got out of the hospital the next day and is moving around great now! 

The Lord is truly amazing in his ability to bless people.. I am glad I was worthy and want to always be worthy enough to allow Heavenly Father to bless people through me. 

I Love all of you! I'm praying for yall like crazy! that storm sounds pretty crazy! I hope it stays away from yall and everyone will be safe! Love Elder Aaron Steele Macfarlane!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Temple open house & sacrament meeting talks

To mi Familia!
Hola. haha well hey everyone! the first week of my second transfer is done and wow it was a good one! We took a investigator to the temple for the open house on Tuesday and wow! What an experience! we talked a little about the plan of salvation on the way to the Temple and in the video before our tour it talked a lot more about the Eternal perspective of the Temple. Marie(our investigator) was almost crying in just the video before the tour! once we got in she asked us questions the whole time and just absorbed everything. She said after that she wished she could feel the way she did in there always! that was so amazing! we invited her to church and she said she'd try. haha she didn't but its ok we are gunna follow up with her this week!  The investigator slammed the door to the missionary 2 months ago and to see how she's progressed is awesome!

We also taught a lesson to a girl whose been taking the lessons for 5 months now and she had dropped the other missionaries because they were just confusing her... she said she would have us try and clear some stuff up or she was just gunna stop talking to the missionaries all together. We taught her the restoration of the gospel through Joesph Smith and we asked her to kneel and pray after the lesson and she asked and wow.. she got her answer! she just stood up and told us that its true and she was going to keep trying! unfortunately she's moving this week so we are going to get her in contact with the missionaries in her new area.

Finally we talked in sacrament yesterday on the Book of Mormon in missionary work. It was actually pretty cool I was the closing speaker and had to talk for like 15! it actually wasn't to hard and I didn't even cover all my stuff so hopefully it was good. Anyways that's our week and we have a pretty full one coming up! Love and miss you all!!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

End of first transfer period in the field!

Hello Family!
Well! i'm done with my first transfer period in the field! only 15 more to go haha! but seriously this past 6 weeks have flown by.. I can totally understand these older missionaries that say it seems like yesterday that they were in the MTC. Once you get working and focused its crazy what happens! 

This week was pretty awesome! we were still riding a high from conference so it sorta showed in our work ethic! it seems like we didn't teach to much this week but we ended up beating our goal by a few lessons! It was pretty dang cool! We have this older investigator named Anna who we've just been visiting and teaching gospel principles one point at a time, but this last time we watched the restoration Video with her and taught her about the Priesthood and the Prophet Joesph Smith and she told us that she was going to go ask her buddy up stairs  because he is the only one that could answer if Joesph was actually a prophet! it was so cool! she definitely felt something during the video and her faith is so strong that I know she'll get an answer! it'll be pretty cool to see what she says this week! 

Tomorrow we are going to the Temple open house with one of our investigators named Marie who didn't want to learn at first but now seems like she can't get enough about what we have to teach her!!! we are going to teach the plan of salvation to her on the way to the Temple and then eat lunch with her afterwords in Boise!! I'm pretty stoked and am super happy for her! 

The rest of the week was the same'ole lol! a ton of our investigators got to watch conference and learned at least something from it lol! Its pretty neat! we found a few people this past week that told us that they've just been looking for something more in their lives! its crazy how the Lord can prepare people! we are going to visit 1 of them this week and the other we are going to take through the temple open house in 2 weeks! I'm stoked about it! soooo yeah I'm doing good! 

we started suit coat season on Saturday.. which I'm not to happy about. That just means we have to wear full suits always until April Gen conference... its ok though. I know obeying even seemingly silly rules will help us out in some way! Thanks for all of your love and support! its been an awesome start for me out here! Hopefully you are starting to get the letters I'm sending! I got a few more to get off. I love and miss yall!! Love Elder Aaron Macfarlane!

Monday, October 8, 2012

"Wow - Missionary work is about to go crazy!"

Hey there family!!!
holy cow! another week! its pretty crazy, I feel like I'm starting to lose track of days haha. Anyways this week was crazy as all get out.. haha on Wenesday my bike like completely broke.. the pedals just snapped and the gears got all bent and yeah its not good lol. Sooo we walked over to another missionaries apartment and fixed up the other bike we have and it took forever but we have 2 functioning bikes now!! It was pretty crazy I got all mad at the bikes and stuff and then later n in the day we were just blessed out of our minds!! 

This one lady who at first told us to never come back and we've been working with for awhile watched the restoration video with us haha(we kinda had to trick her into watching by telling her we just wanted her opinion as a non member) The spirit worked on her the whole time we watched it and at the end she said she believed that Joesph Smith saw God the father and Jesus Christ!!!!!!!! she's still getting stuck on the Book of Mormon but we'll help her understand that no problem!! she watched Gen Conference and she said she definitely felt something when the Prophet and Apostles spoke!!! its so awesome! and on top of that she's going to the temple open house with us! Wow it felt like we were flying and I am so grateful for the Holy Ghosts ability to soften peoples hearts and testify of truth!! 

I was so stoked to hear that conference was good for yall! I hope you guys got a ton out of it! I have never been so excited and eager to watch pretty much anything as I was to watch conference this time around! and wow!! watching it as a missionary is super humbling and makes you feel like you got to be perfect for these people! haha i'm not perfect but me and my comp are gunna try flippin harder then ever know! haha we got to watch conf with this super awesome super rich member family in their basement movie theatre! haha that was cool i wish I woulda taken some pictures but I have been better! 

WOW missionary work is about to go crazy! that announcement hit me like a brick! just think if that was last year I would have already been out! I bet there are gunna be a ton more sister missionaries now! including a particularly special one! haha I'm so glad you all got to watch it together! anyways that's about it for my week. The rest was the same ole same ole. We are gunna challenge a few people this week though and I'll let you know how that goes! 

I Love you all a ton and miss you! keep on chuggin yall!!! Love Elder Aaron Steele Macfarlane

Monday, October 1, 2012

Breaking records

To MI Familia

Well hey guys! I can't believe its been a whole week already! time fly's when your insane busy i guess.. haha its good to be busy though! We broke our record so far this past week by teaching 24 lessons! it was pretty intense! it was really nice to see some of our hard work paying off. 

We started teaching this new family the Fransins and their really cool and very ready to hear the gospel. Bro Fransin is a excommunicated past missionary soo it was a little scary at first cuz he knows all the lessons but it wasn't like that at all, he was super nice and he has some real determination to change his and his families lives around and come back to church. His wife and 10 year old don't know much about the gospel so we started off by teaching them about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. It was really neat they were super receptive and want to keep learning. Bro Fransin at the end bore his testimony of Jesus Christ and his Atonement, it was really powerful. Im so happy I get to try and help these people as they want to change!!! 

haha the rest of the week was packed! We had our first Baptism Friday!! Leanne Brown got baptized and then confirmed on Sunday! it was really a humbling experience. Her mom who isn't a member was there and even she started crying because the feeling that was there! It was pretty awesome!! I got to be a Witness! which was cool and then I got to help confirm her! the best part was seeing her smile after she was dunked lol! She just seemed so happy! so those were probably my week highlights! 

yesterday we taught a lesson to the combined youth of one of our wards about using PMG as a study tool! It was super fun and it was surprisingly easy to teach for 45mins haha we did a pretty sweet role play where I got to be the bad guy with my shades and popped collar haha they got a kick out of that! 

any ways I'm feeling pretty good and time is starting to fly holy cow! lol I hope everything is going well back home! I'm freakin excited for Conference!!!!!!!!!! for yall to! that will be awesome to have everyone in the family home for that! Thank you so much for the Package and letters!!!! It really made my day! I wore my grey suit to church and I looked pretty sharp  haha but thanks and thanks again! I hope this weekend is awesome! Love you all a ton! Love Elder Aaron Steele Macfarlane haha