Monday, October 22, 2012

Temple open house & sacrament meeting talks

To mi Familia!
Hola. haha well hey everyone! the first week of my second transfer is done and wow it was a good one! We took a investigator to the temple for the open house on Tuesday and wow! What an experience! we talked a little about the plan of salvation on the way to the Temple and in the video before our tour it talked a lot more about the Eternal perspective of the Temple. Marie(our investigator) was almost crying in just the video before the tour! once we got in she asked us questions the whole time and just absorbed everything. She said after that she wished she could feel the way she did in there always! that was so amazing! we invited her to church and she said she'd try. haha she didn't but its ok we are gunna follow up with her this week!  The investigator slammed the door to the missionary 2 months ago and to see how she's progressed is awesome!

We also taught a lesson to a girl whose been taking the lessons for 5 months now and she had dropped the other missionaries because they were just confusing her... she said she would have us try and clear some stuff up or she was just gunna stop talking to the missionaries all together. We taught her the restoration of the gospel through Joesph Smith and we asked her to kneel and pray after the lesson and she asked and wow.. she got her answer! she just stood up and told us that its true and she was going to keep trying! unfortunately she's moving this week so we are going to get her in contact with the missionaries in her new area.

Finally we talked in sacrament yesterday on the Book of Mormon in missionary work. It was actually pretty cool I was the closing speaker and had to talk for like 15! it actually wasn't to hard and I didn't even cover all my stuff so hopefully it was good. Anyways that's our week and we have a pretty full one coming up! Love and miss you all!!!!

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