Monday, October 8, 2012

"Wow - Missionary work is about to go crazy!"

Hey there family!!!
holy cow! another week! its pretty crazy, I feel like I'm starting to lose track of days haha. Anyways this week was crazy as all get out.. haha on Wenesday my bike like completely broke.. the pedals just snapped and the gears got all bent and yeah its not good lol. Sooo we walked over to another missionaries apartment and fixed up the other bike we have and it took forever but we have 2 functioning bikes now!! It was pretty crazy I got all mad at the bikes and stuff and then later n in the day we were just blessed out of our minds!! 

This one lady who at first told us to never come back and we've been working with for awhile watched the restoration video with us haha(we kinda had to trick her into watching by telling her we just wanted her opinion as a non member) The spirit worked on her the whole time we watched it and at the end she said she believed that Joesph Smith saw God the father and Jesus Christ!!!!!!!! she's still getting stuck on the Book of Mormon but we'll help her understand that no problem!! she watched Gen Conference and she said she definitely felt something when the Prophet and Apostles spoke!!! its so awesome! and on top of that she's going to the temple open house with us! Wow it felt like we were flying and I am so grateful for the Holy Ghosts ability to soften peoples hearts and testify of truth!! 

I was so stoked to hear that conference was good for yall! I hope you guys got a ton out of it! I have never been so excited and eager to watch pretty much anything as I was to watch conference this time around! and wow!! watching it as a missionary is super humbling and makes you feel like you got to be perfect for these people! haha i'm not perfect but me and my comp are gunna try flippin harder then ever know! haha we got to watch conf with this super awesome super rich member family in their basement movie theatre! haha that was cool i wish I woulda taken some pictures but I have been better! 

WOW missionary work is about to go crazy! that announcement hit me like a brick! just think if that was last year I would have already been out! I bet there are gunna be a ton more sister missionaries now! including a particularly special one! haha I'm so glad you all got to watch it together! anyways that's about it for my week. The rest was the same ole same ole. We are gunna challenge a few people this week though and I'll let you know how that goes! 

I Love you all a ton and miss you! keep on chuggin yall!!! Love Elder Aaron Steele Macfarlane

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