Monday, October 1, 2012

Breaking records

To MI Familia

Well hey guys! I can't believe its been a whole week already! time fly's when your insane busy i guess.. haha its good to be busy though! We broke our record so far this past week by teaching 24 lessons! it was pretty intense! it was really nice to see some of our hard work paying off. 

We started teaching this new family the Fransins and their really cool and very ready to hear the gospel. Bro Fransin is a excommunicated past missionary soo it was a little scary at first cuz he knows all the lessons but it wasn't like that at all, he was super nice and he has some real determination to change his and his families lives around and come back to church. His wife and 10 year old don't know much about the gospel so we started off by teaching them about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. It was really neat they were super receptive and want to keep learning. Bro Fransin at the end bore his testimony of Jesus Christ and his Atonement, it was really powerful. Im so happy I get to try and help these people as they want to change!!! 

haha the rest of the week was packed! We had our first Baptism Friday!! Leanne Brown got baptized and then confirmed on Sunday! it was really a humbling experience. Her mom who isn't a member was there and even she started crying because the feeling that was there! It was pretty awesome!! I got to be a Witness! which was cool and then I got to help confirm her! the best part was seeing her smile after she was dunked lol! She just seemed so happy! so those were probably my week highlights! 

yesterday we taught a lesson to the combined youth of one of our wards about using PMG as a study tool! It was super fun and it was surprisingly easy to teach for 45mins haha we did a pretty sweet role play where I got to be the bad guy with my shades and popped collar haha they got a kick out of that! 

any ways I'm feeling pretty good and time is starting to fly holy cow! lol I hope everything is going well back home! I'm freakin excited for Conference!!!!!!!!!! for yall to! that will be awesome to have everyone in the family home for that! Thank you so much for the Package and letters!!!! It really made my day! I wore my grey suit to church and I looked pretty sharp  haha but thanks and thanks again! I hope this weekend is awesome! Love you all a ton! Love Elder Aaron Steele Macfarlane haha

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