Monday, September 24, 2012

"Crazy week in the great city of Nampa, Idaho!"

Hey yall!
Its been another crazy week in the great city of Nampa Idaho lol. We probably road more miles this week on our bikes then most missionariies did in their cars! 
Hahaha on Monday we visited a less active named Dan and we had a family home evening with him and his family which was really cool! They loved it and we mad arangements for them to have family home evenings with another active family in the ward and I think it will go along way to gettin em back to church and in the swing of everything! for Tuesday Wens, Thursday we did ALOT!!! of finding haha which especially on Thursday ment door-to-door trackting haha which actually was sorta fun! we made a game of it by seeing who could get the most positive responses on a door aproach! haha my brief door sales gig paid off and I won very handly! haha we are really just trying to increase our teaching pool right now. We have a few solid investigators and a few more that have been eternal investigators who are starting to progress finally!!! we have this one couple named Byron& Francis who have been tought by the missionaries for over a year now and Byron who is the none member has really started to open up and he said that he feels the spirit when we meet with them and that he knows now that the Book of Mormon is a real and true book!!!! haha it was awesome to hear! Francis is a inactive member who hasn't been to church in 30 years but she's super excited about the Boise Temple open house and she's reading her BOM at least weekly now and praying so yeah! they are finally comeing along and its awesome!! 

we also had a cool experience on Thursday, we went to a investigator named Brother Florez(the rest of his family are members) we asked him why he visits with us and he told us that he's been praying alot lately and that he loves the spirit that he feels when we teach him and He also said that he knows the Book of Mormon is true!!! we are gunna challenge him this week! its awesome to see people change, even in the short time I've been out! We have a Baptism this Friday! her name is Leanne Brown and even if i didn't play a huge role in her converstion its still gunna be sweet to see her take this step! she is super nervous but also she's very ready. 

Well thats about all going on! I got 2 packages from you guys this week! Thank you sososososososo much for my sweaters and P90X thats gunna be amazeing! can't wait to tell yall how it goes! I love all of you and miss ya a ton! -Love Elder Aaron Macfarlane

Monday, September 17, 2012

First full week doing all missionary work!

Hey guys! 

Its been a crazy past week haha! we got to do our first full week of all missionary work and we sure did our best haha! On Monday we taught acouple lessons after our P-day activities lol! we tought a older German Woman named Anna and introdueced her to the plan of Salvation and it was so cool! she totally acepted it and said that she had believed something similer her whole life! she just said that it made sense! Hopefully it will stick! we are going back tonight to teach her about the restoration and invite her to the Boise Temple Open house! The open house has been an awesome missionary tool! even people who don't want us to teach them have been super interested in checking the temple out soo hopefully when they all go they'll have some more questions for us. 
Boise Temple open house
Boise Temple fountain
We have been really focusing on finding more investigators and developing member trust. Soo we do this thing called member tracking where we vist members of each ward and share brief messages with them throughout the day and ask them if they know anyone who would like our message... haha sooo its sorta cheating the trackting gig but it helps us find way more people actually! we have apointments with like, three people this week who have'nt been to church in like 10 years sooooo we hopefully we can change some of that! I got to go do splits acouple of times this week! which is cool cuz I get to completly lead lessons and stuff cuz normally we go with priests and they're too shy to be of much assistance lol hahaha not really the people I went with were way cool and we tought some sweet lessons! we tought this woman who has been struggling with alcohol for like her whole adult life and we talked to her about the blessing that come from following the word of wisdom! she threw out her booz and said she would follow the WOW!(word of wisdom) which is awesome!! That was deffinitly not me, i got some major help from upstairs lol! haha The members are so awesome!!!! 

The bikes were nice while they lasted....  :)
Our bikes have both broke and members drove us around and paid for them to be fixed this week! I really do feel pretty dang blessed to be serveing where they take good care of their missionaries! 

I miss yall a ton!!!! Thank you so much for my hoodie and cookies and my LETTERS!!! haha I love em! I'm writeing back! hopefully I'll get em out soon! Love and miss you guys!!! your prayers are totally helpin me!! Love you Son/bro.. Elder Macfarlane lol

Monday, September 10, 2012

First week in the mission field!

tHE FIRST WEEK IN THE FIELD HAS BEEN CRAZY!!! haha since I emailed you on Thursday we have had a full schedule! On Friday we got out after doing morning study and started trying to contact previous potentials.. Haha I met a ton of people! We are teaching this woman named Cynthia and we have gotten her from not even really beliveing in Heavenly Father to her praying every single day! and she says she can really feel the differance in her life! we have only visted her a couple time so we are going back this week to finish theaching her the restoration! I'm freakin stoked!!! We do a ton of less active work! haha we visit around 4-8 less active or part member families each day and most of them are super friendly and awesome!!! Thiers this on family named the curtis's who have flippin 13 feet sunflowers! As we go around and visit people unless we are going for a lesson we normally will just talk and be thier friends, get to know them and then share a brief testimony and message. I love doing that. It feels good to see people who haven't been to church in like 10 years feel the spirit! It makes me flippin happy! we have a few less active and partmembers who we are going to teach full lessons to this week! I'll keep yall informed on how it goes! 

The members are freakin awesome here! On Saturday our dinner apointment canceled so we ate cereal for dinner and whent tracking for awhile. We left our bikes in a members yard and when we whent back to get them they had just gotten home and they told us that cereal was not a dinner so they drugg us inside and fed us dinner and made us cookies and drove us home for the night! It was seriously touching to see them( The Merrits) do that for a complete stranger.. Haha I talked on sunday!!!!! hahaha I had 15MIN talk on how missionary work brings us closer to Christ!! It whent pretty good! I'm glad I had the opportunity to make a semigood impression on the first sunday! The people here are seriously awesome and I really am loveing the work. I miss you guys and love yall tons! Write me letters! send em to my home address! I sent a letter today that should have that on it!

Elder Aaron Macfarlane
Idaho Boise Mission
1111 S Cole Road
Boise, ID 83709

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Made it to Boise!

Hey Everyone! 

I'm in boise now!! haha we got in on Tuesday and President Cannon was there to greet us and he took us back to the mission home and we ate and had some training meetings and a testimony meeting! it was pretty awesome and long haha. Anyways on wensday we ate breakfast with the President and his wife and had some more meetings and eventually got asigned our first companions! 

My comps name is Elder Nicholls, he's from Zimbabwi haha he has kind of a crazy accent but he knows what he's doing and is willing to workhard so thats good! He's what they call my training companion soo we get alittle extra time in the morning for training type stuff. After we got our companions we left for our area and got striaght to work! we had 2 apointments and a dinner on the first day and we also tracked and visted some optential investigators! They deffinitely throw you in quick! anyways today so far we've taught a lesson and we have 4 more appiontments and a dinner apointment tonight. It deffinitely seems like we are gunna stay busy! 

Anyways my P-day is monday, President Cannon just wanted me to send a brief email home to let yall know that I got here safe and I'm doing alright! annnnd send m Letters!!!! I promise to write back on Monday!! Hope all is well and I love you guy's a ton! It really does feel good to teach lessons to actual people and see how the message touches them!!! 

Love ya!!! yo son/bro 

Elder Macfarlane haha
P.S My area is called Nampa Idaho! Its a agricultural comunity about 15mins outside Boise and yes I'm on a bike. Haha I'll send ya pictures! 
Shuttle to the airport - leaving MTC for Boise!
Boise Airport!