Monday, September 17, 2012

First full week doing all missionary work!

Hey guys! 

Its been a crazy past week haha! we got to do our first full week of all missionary work and we sure did our best haha! On Monday we taught acouple lessons after our P-day activities lol! we tought a older German Woman named Anna and introdueced her to the plan of Salvation and it was so cool! she totally acepted it and said that she had believed something similer her whole life! she just said that it made sense! Hopefully it will stick! we are going back tonight to teach her about the restoration and invite her to the Boise Temple Open house! The open house has been an awesome missionary tool! even people who don't want us to teach them have been super interested in checking the temple out soo hopefully when they all go they'll have some more questions for us. 
Boise Temple open house
Boise Temple fountain
We have been really focusing on finding more investigators and developing member trust. Soo we do this thing called member tracking where we vist members of each ward and share brief messages with them throughout the day and ask them if they know anyone who would like our message... haha sooo its sorta cheating the trackting gig but it helps us find way more people actually! we have apointments with like, three people this week who have'nt been to church in like 10 years sooooo we hopefully we can change some of that! I got to go do splits acouple of times this week! which is cool cuz I get to completly lead lessons and stuff cuz normally we go with priests and they're too shy to be of much assistance lol hahaha not really the people I went with were way cool and we tought some sweet lessons! we tought this woman who has been struggling with alcohol for like her whole adult life and we talked to her about the blessing that come from following the word of wisdom! she threw out her booz and said she would follow the WOW!(word of wisdom) which is awesome!! That was deffinitly not me, i got some major help from upstairs lol! haha The members are so awesome!!!! 

The bikes were nice while they lasted....  :)
Our bikes have both broke and members drove us around and paid for them to be fixed this week! I really do feel pretty dang blessed to be serveing where they take good care of their missionaries! 

I miss yall a ton!!!! Thank you so much for my hoodie and cookies and my LETTERS!!! haha I love em! I'm writeing back! hopefully I'll get em out soon! Love and miss you guys!!! your prayers are totally helpin me!! Love you Son/bro.. Elder Macfarlane lol

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