Monday, September 10, 2012

First week in the mission field!

tHE FIRST WEEK IN THE FIELD HAS BEEN CRAZY!!! haha since I emailed you on Thursday we have had a full schedule! On Friday we got out after doing morning study and started trying to contact previous potentials.. Haha I met a ton of people! We are teaching this woman named Cynthia and we have gotten her from not even really beliveing in Heavenly Father to her praying every single day! and she says she can really feel the differance in her life! we have only visted her a couple time so we are going back this week to finish theaching her the restoration! I'm freakin stoked!!! We do a ton of less active work! haha we visit around 4-8 less active or part member families each day and most of them are super friendly and awesome!!! Thiers this on family named the curtis's who have flippin 13 feet sunflowers! As we go around and visit people unless we are going for a lesson we normally will just talk and be thier friends, get to know them and then share a brief testimony and message. I love doing that. It feels good to see people who haven't been to church in like 10 years feel the spirit! It makes me flippin happy! we have a few less active and partmembers who we are going to teach full lessons to this week! I'll keep yall informed on how it goes! 

The members are freakin awesome here! On Saturday our dinner apointment canceled so we ate cereal for dinner and whent tracking for awhile. We left our bikes in a members yard and when we whent back to get them they had just gotten home and they told us that cereal was not a dinner so they drugg us inside and fed us dinner and made us cookies and drove us home for the night! It was seriously touching to see them( The Merrits) do that for a complete stranger.. Haha I talked on sunday!!!!! hahaha I had 15MIN talk on how missionary work brings us closer to Christ!! It whent pretty good! I'm glad I had the opportunity to make a semigood impression on the first sunday! The people here are seriously awesome and I really am loveing the work. I miss you guys and love yall tons! Write me letters! send em to my home address! I sent a letter today that should have that on it!

Elder Aaron Macfarlane
Idaho Boise Mission
1111 S Cole Road
Boise, ID 83709

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