Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Family!
How are yall?? I hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving! It sounds like it was really good from what I hear! I'm so happy you all got to have it together and relax! hopefully that's true haha. My Thanksgiving was really good! haha we did eat 3 Thanksgiving dinners though... That was painful. But we spent most of the day with a really awesome family named the Hemmings! Bro &Sis Hemming are from England and was thus hilarious haha and their little kids were crazy and a ton of fun!
our President encouraged us to spend the Holiday with families and share uplifting messages and yeah.. have some fun! So we played some games before dinner and talked with awhile after dinner! I got to play cars and guns and all that stuff with Zach and Emily for awhile so I was happy! After them we ate 2nd Dinner with a new member who was just baptized which was awesome because the he and his family were all talking about how thankful they were for the Gospel and how much its helped them! haha our 3rd dinner was painful... but yet I loved it! we had it with our little old German investigator Anna which was awesome!
we talked for awhile about the old country and she taught us some German! She is really progressing and she will be working toward Baptism soon. She calls us her sons/grandsons! she's so sweet. Anyways the rest of the week was good yet long. We had a huge zone conference on Tuesday and yeah that took all day... We got to teach a new family on Friday! The Labattos, Delialah's Husband who past away was a member and he took her to Salt Lake and a bunch of stuff like that but it sounds like he was never really active or forced it on her. When he died he left her his Book of Mormon and said that it would help after he was gone. She just started reading it a year ago. She remarried and moved to Idaho in time for the Temple Open house and she said it was one of the most powerful experiences of her life. She's been reading and praying and before we even taught her she said she knew it had to be true. Her new husband is interested but not as sure. I'm super excited to work with them and hopefully we'll have some baptisms in our future. Its the start of My 3rd Transfer today and Elder Nicholls got shipped of to Boise. My new companion's name is Elder Palmer and seems like a really cool guy. He's been out for 19 months so I'm glad I get to learn from some experience. I'm the area leader now and I hope that I'll be able to keep the area moving along and improve it in some way. I love you all and miss ya a ton! Happy Birthday Micaela and Joe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll get a letter in the mail for you guys but it might not be there right on time..I love you and hope your Birthdays are amazing!!!

Love Elder Macfarlane yo bro/son/friend

Monday, November 19, 2012

Boise Temple Dedication & Larissa's mission call

Hey everyone!
It was an awesome week! we didn't get as much teaching in as we would like but we had some fun and did some work. Haha sounds like all of you had a pretty good week as well! 

We went on 2 day exchanges last week which was pretty interesting! I got to go out of my area for a bit and meet some new people which was cool! I am grateful for the area I'm in though cuz that area only teaches like 8 lessons a week which is pretty tough. We got a few solid days in our area which was good though! The Boise Temple was dedicated yesterday and we got to go to all 3 sessions of the dedication! President Monson was there and so was Elder Bednar along with 2 members of the seventy. It was awesome! They talked a lot about family history and how it is apart of temple work and how the Temple is set apart to literally be the house of the Lord and yeah a bunch of really cool stuff. The Hosanna shout was really cool and the dedicatory prayer was amazing. I studied in 2Chr and 1Kings when Solomon dedicated the temple in Jarusalem in between sessions and it was really neat to be able to compare the 2 events. In the last session President Monson shut his binder and just talked by impression for about 20mins which was amazing! It will be so nice to beable to use the Temple now! we get to go once a month now!! Isn't that awesome! 

ahaha we found a new Mexican gangsta investigator last night which will be pretty interesting to teach lol! we tried to teach him about Joesph Smith but it when over his head haha. He did say he felt something which is good. This is the last week of my 2nd transfer! That's pretty crazy how time has flown! I got to hang out with Brayton for awhile the other day!!!! its pretty crazy that he's going home soon. 

Sooo as you probably know Larissa got her mission call!!!!! Argentina Bahia Blanca!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is so crazy!!!!!! I am so happy you guys all get to spend Thanksgiving together! that is way cool and makes me really happy! well I'm glad you all had a good week! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! I love you all a ton and am gunna miss you on Thursday! haha make a leamon marangue( I have no idea how to spell that word...) and eat it up for me!! I'm going to be spending it with some members so don't worry I'll be taken care of! Love your Elder Macfarlane!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sharing the gospel of Christ and serving the people of Idaho

Hey Everyone!
One more week down in the great Boise Idaho mission. Its actually pretty crazy.. I've been out for 3 months now. It doesn't seem like it at all... Anyways I have 2 weeks left in this transfer and I'll stay in Nampa for at least one more transfer. 

This past week was actually kid of slow. I mean it was still busy, we just didn't teach as many lessons and normally. Its kind of hard now that it gets darker an hour earlier, we've had to move most of our set appointments to the evening so we aren't riding around in the dark and cold. On Wednesday we had a pretty full night. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a woman who hasn't been to church since she was 9. It was pretty cool. She even all this time later still remembers some stuff and is just absorbing everything we've been teaching her. Its pretty awesome! she's been coming to church the past few weeks and yeah Its cool to watch her faith rekindle! We read a lot out of 2 Nephi 31 which is a pretty awesome chapter.

 We did a ton of service this week as well. We moved some people, and tore up a floor, and raked some leaves and it was pretty fun! It is nice to be able to help some people out when we can! We also had a sweet lesson with one of the investigators where we went over the Atonement in detail and then talked about how we can use the atonement when we make covenants. I got to ask him to be Baptized and he will work toward and prepare to be! That was pretty awesome! haha also scary. 

Well that's about it from here. I heard about Kera!!!!!! That's so awesome!!! Freakin good job K!!!! also I'm flippin happy that Micky made varsity! that's flippin awesome! You and Mandy better work on some trick plays'n stuff! Thanks for all your love and support! I miss all of you! Love you guys a ton! Love Elder Aaron Macfarlane

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

After the storm & new member temple trip

Hey family Macfarlane! how are yall?? 

I'm glad you guys were safe from the storm. I was prayin pretty hard for all yall! haha I got a bunch of pity from members who forgot which state I'm from but remembered it was the east coast so yeah.. I think I was asked like 5 times if my house was destroyed. Thankfully not the case! 

Sooo it was a pretty up and down week. On Tuesday we took my little old German investigator Anna through the Temple! on the way out she said it felt like a warm blanket and the reverence inside made her feel like she was really in Gods house. After she asked us questions and we talked about Jesus Christ and we were able to bear a short testimony with her and hear her testimony of the savior and yeah... what an amazing experience. I also had an interview with President Cannon and he told me to prepare myself for more work and responsibility... I don't know what that means but I'm not sure I like it haha.

We found a few investigators this week and that is always cool! I hope I get to see these people progress! Probably my favorite experience of the week happened on Thursday. We were riding around and attempting to contact some people that we've talked to on the side of the road and in their yards and stuff, anyways there is the one woman named Sarah who we talked to awhile back and wasn't to interested so we decided to give her one more shot. We started talking to her on her door step and we are just laughing and talking about her week and suddenly she just starts crying and tells us about some of the major trials she's facing right now. She needed someone to talk to and it felt good to be able to help her by just listening, anyways afterward we taught her a little bit about the plan of salvation and how it can bring greater meaning in or lives. We just told her about how the gospel has helped us and let her know that it could bring her comfort as well. We left a plan of salvation pamphlet and left. Its cool to be able to see someone light up from the message we share. We are going to visit her this week and hopefully she's feeling better and will be prepared to accept the gospel. 

That was the highlights rest of the week was sorta the same ole haha. We got to play football today which was awesome! Hope yall are doing well and stay healthy! 

Love you all!! Kera holy happy late birthday!!!!! I meant to send a letter but i forgot. ugh glad you all got to spend that together! 

Love Elder Macfarlane!