Monday, June 17, 2013

Going to Twin Falls Idaho Mission!

Hey everyone!!

  Sooo this has been a crazy past few days!! We got the transfer calls Saturday Morning and I'm heading down to Jarome Idaho. Its in the Twin Falls mission! that was pretty carzy! I deffinitely didn't seen that comeing! I'll be training a new missionary down there and I'm pretty excited about it! I'm not going to lie leaveing La Grande was hard though. You deffinitely make some good friends in 6 months and you develop alot of love for alot of people. It hurt but I did get a comforting feeling that I worked my hardest to build up The Kingdom of God in La grande and it feels good. I am deffinitely going back there after the mission!! Its a pretty incredible place with some pretty incredible peeps! haha plus a few people said if I came back they would take me around and show me all the fun unmissionary approved things in Lagrande lol! haha blowing up refrigerators with explosives is apparently a must lol! I'll send pictures of people I've been writeing about next week! I'm in Boise untill Wenesday and these computers are super slow...
So the week was really good! S is on track to get baptized in a few weeks! saying goodbye to her was kinda hard.. she is such a sweet woman and she is just so grateful for the knowlege of the gospel she now has. She says she has just felt alot more peace recently. D is doing well! we had another really good lesson with him up in his mountain cabin by candle light! He is such a spiritual giant! he has been having alot of concerns lately.. but we taught the plan of salvation and it awnsered alot of his questions. His health is going down pretty quickly.. He can't eat alot of solid foods anymore.. and his voice is slurring alot more. I know he has to be hurting so much. He told us some experiences about looking forward to the life to come, his faith is so strong. I hope to beable to see him again but I'm not sure if I'm going to in this life time. I love that guy so much. JT left for home on Wednesday but we had a couple lessons with him before he left. We gave him an Ensign to study so he can gain a testimony of our modern prophet. It's sad I wont get to see him baptized but he has changed so much! He's awesome and we are definitely staying in touch! 

Saying goodbye to A was kinda hard haha. She is so funny. I'm glad that she has missionaries still to help her and be there for her! She's doing awesome! The Members were hard to say goodbye to for sure. There are some awesome families that have been a really amazing example to me of a Christ centered home! Its made me pretty dang grateful for our family and how we were raised and how we made church and the gospel a priority!
Thank you so much for all of the love and support! I love you all so much! it makes a world of difference to know that I have a loving support group back home! It give me some pretty solid motivation!

Idaho Twin Falls Mission Office
421 Maurice Street North
Twin Falls, ID 83301-4932

This is my new mission mailing address! you all should send me some mail ;) haha love you all!!!

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