Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hello from Twin Falls!

Hahaha hey errrr body! This week has been so crazy!

well I left Lagrande on Monday and I got to Jerome/Twin on Wednesday!

My comp's name is elder Perdue and he's from Dallas Texas! he's a pretty cool lil guy :) haha he sang in the BYU Men's Choir for a year before he came out so thats pretty fly. Haha I'm gunna get him to sing to some of our investigators ;) but ya he's super spiritual and very prepared for the work! Haha he is still really quit and very nervous but the awesome thing is even if he's terrified to talk to someone he'll do it if I ask him to so that's awesome! It'll be a good transfer! So we have a 3 week transfer right now! which is pretty crazy! aha me and Perdue wont get transfered at the end of it but there will be 35 new missionaries comeing into the Twin falls mission! thats crazy! So ya everything is changing pretty quick! President Cannon goes home in a week and President Curtis is coming to be the New Twin Falls mission president! It'll be neat to see all of the changes but its pretty sad to see P-cannon and sis Cannon leave! They've done their time though lol! 
So Jerome!!!
Its a town about the same size of Lagrande just outside of Twin Falls! Me and Elder Perdue cover 3 wards who all meet in the same building which is super cool! it makes sunday's so much easier because we don't have to drive around all day going to meetings in different buildings! The area is half rural half town. The farming area's are super cool! The people are just so humble and love the Lord! our wards are pretty fired up about missionary work but theres not a whole lot of work going on.. The last missionaries in the 2 area's that had our wards were ether super lazy or spread way too thin so there wasn't to much happening in any of our wards but thats ok! Me and Elder Perdue are going to work like crazy and get this place on Fire! Our Bishops Thompson, King, and Radford are way cool! and they are so ready for more missionary attention! So we are ready to get it done!

Our ward Mission leaders are freakin sweet too! Bro Perry, Wight, and Walker! They all said they will come out with us whenever we need! Probably the best thing going in our area is a ward missionary Bro Black!! he is so awesome!!! He went out with us on Saturday in the middle of his family reunion! He pretty much talks the gospel to everyone he meets and he is the fellowshiper for like 7 of our investigators in his ward! I'm excited to work with him and get some stuff done! There’s definitely alot of potential! We teach alot of teenage kids of inactive parents and we are excited to get them coming back to church and get some baptisims! We had a good lesson with a family the Mcmillians Tessa and Eric are 16 and 12 and they want to come to church and now all we have to do is get them a little more knowledge and get the family to church and get them baptized! super awesome!

Me and elder Perdue also found this super awesome guy named Rual just talking to people in a trailer park and he is so prepared! We taught him the Restoration and he accepted everything! When we talked about Joesph Smith he just said that it made so much sense and it sounded right! We had to leave pretty soon after that because his girlfriend who he hadn't seen in 6 months pulled up which he was so funny and happy to see her that it was ok that we had to end early! But ya! we are going back and he is so getting baptized!! but ya! the work is good! we definitely have to re-build abunch of stuff but it feels good to work hard and to see an area pick up! hopefully we'll be having a few baptisms here pretty soon! so ya! anything else you all want to know??
I lost my camera on the way over here so I can't send any pictures... pray that I'll be able to find it cuz that has all my picture of my whole mission on it so far.. but hopefully it'll turn up soon and I'll get you all plenty of pictures! Ilove you all and I'm super excited to get to work in this new area! Me and Elder Perdue have been really trying to be obedient so we can be a blessing in the lives of these people! So ya I know when we are obedient to the commandments and we try to be like our Savior we have the ability to have greater companionship of the Holy Ghost!

Love you all!!!!! WHat up frm TWIN MISH!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Going to Twin Falls Idaho Mission!

Hey everyone!!

  Sooo this has been a crazy past few days!! We got the transfer calls Saturday Morning and I'm heading down to Jarome Idaho. Its in the Twin Falls mission! that was pretty carzy! I deffinitely didn't seen that comeing! I'll be training a new missionary down there and I'm pretty excited about it! I'm not going to lie leaveing La Grande was hard though. You deffinitely make some good friends in 6 months and you develop alot of love for alot of people. It hurt but I did get a comforting feeling that I worked my hardest to build up The Kingdom of God in La grande and it feels good. I am deffinitely going back there after the mission!! Its a pretty incredible place with some pretty incredible peeps! haha plus a few people said if I came back they would take me around and show me all the fun unmissionary approved things in Lagrande lol! haha blowing up refrigerators with explosives is apparently a must lol! I'll send pictures of people I've been writeing about next week! I'm in Boise untill Wenesday and these computers are super slow...
So the week was really good! S is on track to get baptized in a few weeks! saying goodbye to her was kinda hard.. she is such a sweet woman and she is just so grateful for the knowlege of the gospel she now has. She says she has just felt alot more peace recently. D is doing well! we had another really good lesson with him up in his mountain cabin by candle light! He is such a spiritual giant! he has been having alot of concerns lately.. but we taught the plan of salvation and it awnsered alot of his questions. His health is going down pretty quickly.. He can't eat alot of solid foods anymore.. and his voice is slurring alot more. I know he has to be hurting so much. He told us some experiences about looking forward to the life to come, his faith is so strong. I hope to beable to see him again but I'm not sure if I'm going to in this life time. I love that guy so much. JT left for home on Wednesday but we had a couple lessons with him before he left. We gave him an Ensign to study so he can gain a testimony of our modern prophet. It's sad I wont get to see him baptized but he has changed so much! He's awesome and we are definitely staying in touch! 

Saying goodbye to A was kinda hard haha. She is so funny. I'm glad that she has missionaries still to help her and be there for her! She's doing awesome! The Members were hard to say goodbye to for sure. There are some awesome families that have been a really amazing example to me of a Christ centered home! Its made me pretty dang grateful for our family and how we were raised and how we made church and the gospel a priority!
Thank you so much for all of the love and support! I love you all so much! it makes a world of difference to know that I have a loving support group back home! It give me some pretty solid motivation!

Idaho Twin Falls Mission Office
421 Maurice Street North
Twin Falls, ID 83301-4932

This is my new mission mailing address! you all should send me some mail ;) haha love you all!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Enterprise Oregon!

Sooo all yall hey!!!
I am super stoked about today!! we got up at 5 this morning so we could drive up early to Enterprise and have personal study lake side at Wollawa lake! Holy cow!! I hope you can kinda tell from the pictures how pretty it is up here!! the lake is gorgeous! its fed by a mountain stream that runs from the year round glaciers at the top of the mountains up here! I've never see water so clear in my life! It looks like a natural swimming pool its so clear!(which makes it pretty dang tempting...) hahaha but ya its great! we studied lake side on some tables and it was seriously so peaceful and serine! the bird were out and its like seriously the perfect temperature today 68!! haha sorry but be jelous!! Its actually a pretty big tourest area so it has some really cool buildings and shops and stuff that we might check out! There's this lift thing that we are goin to go up that take you to the top of the mountains and apparently you can see all the way over to Idaho from the top! siked!! haha thought Id let ya know! Its kinda out last hooraa P-day because I'm probably getting transferred this next week and everyone told me I had to see this place!

      The work this week was surprisingly good! Haha we had a bunch of canceled appointments and stuff but we were able to make the most of it and turn out a pretty solid week! we broke our record!! 34 lessons this week! and what was cool is that alot of them were with new investigators that we found! We were seriously blessed this week! I've have had a hard time getting over being scared to talk to people on the street and stuff.. not that I haven't done it but I've always gotten really nervous. But this week I decided what the heck and I worked hard to get over it! On Saturday we had an appointment fall through and we prayed that the Lord would put people in our path and then walked around this apartment complex and holy cow!! we found 8 new investigators in 1hr!! including a couple awesome young families!! we just opened our mouths and we were definitely blessed because of it! We have some follow up appointments this week and I'm really hoping that we can really start teaching before I leave! He also had 3 lessons with James this week! It was his last week of school and he's going home on tuesday after finals. He kind of pulled me aside after our lesson last night and he told me that he would email me and let me know when he decides to get baptised so I can come up if I can! That made me freakin happy!! haha we tried to set a date with him a few times but he's a true bio major and wants to finish reading the BOM and some gospel library things so he could be a more educated member when he s baptised! He told us how he has come to a knowledge the past few months of Gods love for him and he says its one of the best feelings ever!! we are super excited for him!
The Shoemakers read and prayed and we didn't have time for a full lesson with them on friday because it was Lynn's 17th B-day and she was having a party we did get to visit for a little and they want to talk about there experiences reading this week! We had a awesome lesson with Suzanne On Thursday and she is looking very solid to be baptized on her date! She came to church by herself yesterday!! haha we had quite a few people show up for church which is always awesome! we had a amazing lesson with Roddy Blessem and his family and we talked about the priesthood and how he will be able to bless his family as a worthy priesthood holder! Anne and Mallory went to the Temple to do Baptisms for the dead saturday!!! they both had really awesome experiences!! Anne had the work done for her husband, parents and some other relatives! Anne also got her Patriarchal blessing yesterday and because she said that we are her closest thing to family she wanted us to be there! That was a really cool experience! I've never her a more spcific blessing that was so full of personal revelation that Anne needed! She's crazy but she is so awesome to haha!

   That was about it for the week! I'm excited for this week! we have some really exciting meetings planned! I'll let you all know about transfers and I'll be sure to take tones of pictures with people! I love you all so much and I do truly love this work! It hit me how much love heavenly Father has blessed me with for these people and I am so grateful for it!
I love ya! I love my Heavenly Father! and I love my Savior!
Thanks for the love and support! couldn't do it without yalls!!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Another week bites the dust!

Well hey there familia!

Its been an interesting week out here in beautiful Oregon! its kinda seems like a blur and we were pretty busy but we had a ton of stuff that got canceled on us this week. Thats OK though we made due! First off I'm not sure you all can tell from the pictures I've been sending but it is seriously naturally gorgeous out here! The mountains are pretty incredible! Its been raining a bunch lately so everything super green and it just looks awesome! Its a bunch different the back home beauty. I mean I don't think anything compares to the ocean and all of our trees and rivers but its pretty dang nice up here! Its also been super temperate recently! like it was low 70's ish all week long! haha sorry since its been super hot in VA and Florida and other places.. We've been enjoying it though! On Wednesday night after we did our planning for the next day we took a drive up this smaller mountain that has an awesome view of the valley and just sat there and looked at all the lights and ate Otter pops lol! Its was so cool! you could see everything! It looked way bigger then it is though lol. We take time to have little mini adventures like that to de-stress and enjoy the area while we have it! Next Monday as a last hooraa before transfers we are all going up to a town called Joesph were they have this incredible glacier lake! I'm super pumped! Its a bit away so I thought it would be worth it for potentially my last p-day in the area! I'll take tons of pictures of that! It apparently looks identical to the Swiss alps up there! Its that pretty! haha This area is so cool! The Elders in my Apartment are awesome to! I'll miss Elder Epperson a bunch. I hope we don't end up in separate missions! haha no dad wants to leave his son behind! but Elder Hatifi and Christanson are way cool to and we are super close! thats one of the best things about Lagrande is getting to live with 3 other missionaries! its just fun! haha it can be a little distracting at time though lol. Anyways we have 2 weeks left in the transfer and I do think I'll be moved this one...
Anyways the work this week was up and down. We had a lot of appointments cancel but we also had a bunch of unplanned opportunities! We finally found a whole family to teach!!!!!!! I'm flippin out lol! haha I haven't got to teach a whole nonmember family yet!(well the wife is a member but she got baptized when she was 10 and never went to church since!) They are super cool though and they have been sooo prepared! The dad is just full of questions and he feels that he's been moving towards this path for awhile! The 2 kids are both teens and are super excited to learn! We taught them the restoration of the Gospel and gave them each a Book of Mormon! The spirit was crazy strong! We invited them to be baptized and they said yes!! haha they also said that they have a bunch of preparing to do and they want to make this change as a family or not at all! soooo tight!! It stinks that I'm not going to be here to finish with them but I've just been praying for the opportunity to help bring the message of the gospel to a whole family! So ya that was way cool!  The daughter is a beast XC runner so I told her about you my sista's lol!