Wednesday, October 17, 2012

End of first transfer period in the field!

Hello Family!
Well! i'm done with my first transfer period in the field! only 15 more to go haha! but seriously this past 6 weeks have flown by.. I can totally understand these older missionaries that say it seems like yesterday that they were in the MTC. Once you get working and focused its crazy what happens! 

This week was pretty awesome! we were still riding a high from conference so it sorta showed in our work ethic! it seems like we didn't teach to much this week but we ended up beating our goal by a few lessons! It was pretty dang cool! We have this older investigator named Anna who we've just been visiting and teaching gospel principles one point at a time, but this last time we watched the restoration Video with her and taught her about the Priesthood and the Prophet Joesph Smith and she told us that she was going to go ask her buddy up stairs  because he is the only one that could answer if Joesph was actually a prophet! it was so cool! she definitely felt something during the video and her faith is so strong that I know she'll get an answer! it'll be pretty cool to see what she says this week! 

Tomorrow we are going to the Temple open house with one of our investigators named Marie who didn't want to learn at first but now seems like she can't get enough about what we have to teach her!!! we are going to teach the plan of salvation to her on the way to the Temple and then eat lunch with her afterwords in Boise!! I'm pretty stoked and am super happy for her! 

The rest of the week was the same'ole lol! a ton of our investigators got to watch conference and learned at least something from it lol! Its pretty neat! we found a few people this past week that told us that they've just been looking for something more in their lives! its crazy how the Lord can prepare people! we are going to visit 1 of them this week and the other we are going to take through the temple open house in 2 weeks! I'm stoked about it! soooo yeah I'm doing good! 

we started suit coat season on Saturday.. which I'm not to happy about. That just means we have to wear full suits always until April Gen conference... its ok though. I know obeying even seemingly silly rules will help us out in some way! Thanks for all of your love and support! its been an awesome start for me out here! Hopefully you are starting to get the letters I'm sending! I got a few more to get off. I love and miss yall!! Love Elder Aaron Macfarlane!

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