Monday, May 13, 2013

Goodbyes & Gratitude

Hello My amazing family!!!!!!

Holy good it was to talk to yall's yesterday!! haha I'm feeling really good today actually! Like it was hard for a sec after we hang up but after that I just felt super and was able to focus the rest of the night! Today we are going up to a place in the mountains called Catherine Creek lodge! It sounds like it'll be pretty cool! there are some hikeing trails and stuff we are going to explore so ya! I'll get lots of pictures again!! They have a pipe that brings natural glacier water down from the top of the mountain and we are bringing some empty milk juggs to stock up for the week!  So ya it'll be fun! we also have some good lessons planned for this evening and The Baker city elders came up to hang out with us today so it should be really good! 

Well this week seemed really busy but we had a bunch of extra things we had todo along with our proselyting. We had a Zone Conference on Friday in Caldwell which is pretty much right next to Boise so we had to get up flippin early.. like 430.. but it was definitely worth it!

It was soo good to seem some of my Buddies from Nampa and the MTC and all of that so ya it was cool :) It was President Cannon's last Zone Conference with us so that was kind of sad.. He shared some awesome experiences and I learned ab bunch! Haha he asked each of us to think about what our Mission has meant to us. That was so crazy, You don't really think about all of the experiences or people or just everything that you have learned and how things have changed about you untill you take a step back and look at it as a whole. As I was thinkin back on all the things that I am grateful about my mission hit me like a wall. I kinda teared up with P-Cannon as he told us what his mission has meant to him and I really realized just what its meant to me. That probably one of the reasons I teared up so much yesterday.. lol. I really am so incredibly grateful. I've had the opportunity to be a part of some really amazing things. I'm also glad I have some more time to get work done and have some more experiences on the way!!
Me and Elder Bennet on his last night in the area
Anyways something that was super awesome this week was Brian Davis came to church!!! we have been trying to get him out for awhile! On Wednesday morning while planning for his lesson we had a few things stick out to us that we felt Brian needed to hear! We were teaching the Plan of Salvation and we felt that we really needed to spend some time focusing on Divine potential and individual worth. We read some scriptures with him and talked about it for awhile and he told us at the end that he needed that message really badly..  He said that he had extremely depressed and felt kind of worthless recently and that he had never really though about what he could eventually become! It was a flippin powerful lesson!!

We taught this less active guy Roddy who has a bunch of Word of Wisdom problems about the power of prayer. That was so awesome! he broke down and told us how he's been afraid to prayer because of the mistakes he's made and everything going in his life right now.. We just told him about how much he Is loved by Heavenly Father and he asked him to pray every morning and night. We also invited him to say the the closing prayer as well and we knelt down and had a BOM prayer!!! He also invited us back for family home evening with his fam! We are super excited! He came to church as well!  Soo after talking with yall last night we decided to try some people that are hard to get ahold of during the week.. 
Me and Elder Rogers on his last day in the mission!
We finally talked to the less active guy named Blake! He is living with his Girlfriend who is a Prior investigator that we haven't been able to meet with yet.. We talked to him for a solid 40mins and he said that he was forced into the Church and that he just never gained his own testimony and that he has been to lazy to try and find out for himself if the church is true. We talked about what the gospel means to us and how it could help change his life! The spirit was crazy working on him the whole time! We talked about him and Sabreina(his GF) getting married and what would help breing them closer together. He's going to start comeing to church with her for now on!!! Also we talked about how if he wanted his own testimony and if he Wanted Sabrina to get one as well they needed to Read the B.O.M together and pray together every night. He said he would! We are going to go have a lesson with them on Saturday and text them dureing the week to see how their reading and stuff is going. He know's he's the reason Sabrina hasn't got baptised and so it was so good to just talk to him! I deffinitely was way more bold with him then I am most of the time and the spirit just testified of all the things we were telling him! Hopefully we'll see a wedding here pretty soon and then a Baptisim! I'm so hyped!!
Everyone else is really well :) We have a super busy teaching week planned out so far! Hopefully we'll set Bap dates With Colton and Brian!!! I love being able to do this work yall! when ever I get feeling down or missing home or whatever I focus on all of the crazy awesome thing I get to do and It gets better!!

I love this Gospel! haha its the "Good News!!" I've come to know my Savior so much these past few months!!! I love him! and I love my Heavenly Father for letting me help in this work! Love you all so much!!!!!!!! I'm super excited for the next few weeks to see what going to happen! Keep on sending the prayers my way and send a few down to Hermana Conger In Orlando to!!! :) Love you allll!!!!!!!!!! have a great week!!!!!!!!

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