Monday, May 6, 2013

Blur of a busy week - baptisms & growing testimonies

first off I am so excited to talk with you all on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!! that is awesome! Only 2 more calls home after this! wow time flies! So I didn't get transfered this time around! Me and Epperson are staying together for 6 mor weeks atleast which is good! we are getting along pretty darn well lately and the work is exploding! Elder Bennett did get transfered though... He's on his way to Kimberly Idaho to be a Zone leader in the Twin Falls mission! I'm proud of that little guy! It'll be wierd serveing in Lagrande without him.. haha we've been together since January and its crazy just how much we went through together! He's one of my best friends for sure! haha I stayed up talking with him while he was packing untill like 4 in the morning lol! It was fun! we had a good heart to heart and played some pranks on the other 2 sleepy heads and it made for a good night lol! haha I'm pretty dang tired today though lol!  
Miranda and Mic have been emailing me and that's been soo awesome!!!!!! I've been missing you guys this past week or so.. I also got a letter from Kera and Josh!! Thank you so much! I'll write back soon! Sounds like things are going well and people are getting healthier! I was so stoked to hear about Miranda's IV treatment stuff!!!! that is so sick!!! lol anyways keep me up on whats going on and I guess I'll get to talk to you all about it on Sunday!!!! 
This week is a blur! haha we were pretty dang busy!! we got to hit the best of both world and taught 26 lessons as well a bunch of service hours! A busy week makes for a good week! Ok week highlight!!!! Suzanne is getting Baptized on May 25th!!!!!! We had an incredible lesson with her Thursday night! we watched the Restoration video and then talked about the resoration of Christ's Gospel ment for her! Holy dang that was a powerful experience! she has a big inferiority complex and she just can't find the good in her self.. Its heart breaking but it felt so good to bear testimony that again and again how she truly can be forgiven of past mistakes and how much Heavenly Father truely loves her. I have gained a huge testimony of how much Heavenly Father knows the needs of each of his Children individually just from the promptings we receive during a lessons and the feelings we have for the person. I think that its a gift of the Spirit that heavenly father allows us through the Holy Ghost to not only say what he wants to say to these people but also feel a portion of how he feels for them. We talked about the cleansing attributes of Baptism and repentance and she kinof broke down. The most powerful feeling or part of the lesson was by far the closing prayer. She is super shy and selfconciouse about what others think so even when she has tried to say prayers out loud with us she just shuts down and can't think.. So we invited her to say a silent kneeling prayer at the close of the lesson and that was incredible. It felt like Heaven was really in that room and the spirit just filled everything! I read in a talk by President Packer that we are suppose to keep special spiritual experiences to ourselves and only share them when prompted to but I do feel that yall need to know just how incredible seeing the Gospel's light work on someone is! Soo I'll share with yall in here a few things and I'll save some for back home stories! ahaha 
anyways we also had another really good Lesson with James! we went over to Sister Wheeler's house( who is this freakin awesome woman who got baptized when she was 19 and the served a mission 2 years later!!) He talked to her about how her parents felt when she joined the church and how they feel now about it! I t was really neat to hear him ask some of his questions and Sister Wheeler helped resolve a bunch of his concerns!! He read all of 1st Nephi Last week!!!!!!! he is just soaking it in and is on fire! We asked if he knew it was true and he said that he's probably just fooling himself at this point but since he hasn't been a "spiritual" person for so long he's still allowing some doubts to enter his mind about some stuff.. He'll be baptized soon if he lets his faith grow and dosn't try to smother it.. We are working with him though! he descrices it as his little faith seeds like a mini mini tree but he can feel it growing! Its cool to see a guy who didn't even believe that he had father in Heaven who loves him!!!!! 
So thats the highlights!! we are also working hard with Brian, Doug and a bunch more! Really quick Colton re-accepted an invitation to be baptized and we are setting a date with him this Friday!!! we is a 16 yr olf kid in Union!!  
I love you all so much!!!! have an awesome week!!!! I'll see ya on Sunday!!!!!!!!!

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