Monday, April 29, 2013

Tons of service, teaching, and stake conference

What is up!!!!!!! all my poeples of whoom I lovest!
Hey yalll!
First off thank you so much for the emails!!!!!!!!! This has probably been the best email session I've had so far! I love em! its so good to hear all abouts whats goings on in yours lives!

My week was crazy full haha! We did 16 hours of service this week! That was freakin awesome!@! we ask like everyone if they need help with anything and offer service but almost everyone  says "no we are doing pretty good right now..." so it felt super nice to actually get out and do some helping! We mowed a couple lawns, We tore down a wall in this Less active guys house and helped him cut a hole for his door! haha I'm gunna be pretty handy with repairing stuff by the time I'm done here! I've already learned how to plaster walls, put up tile, put in carpet, and a bunch of other fun stuff! Anyways we also got to help 2 people move which was cool because we found acouple of potential Investigators from that! And we got to do some serious yard work for some older members in our area and an Investigator! It was fun! It was nice and sunny this week so I have a serious farmers tan going on lol!

We'll we also had a good week teaching our investigators! James Thompson who went to church last week had an awesome experince! He had been praying if he should keep meeting with us and in Sacrament meeting he said that he got an overwhelming feeling of Happiness and peace! He said he had to fight it to stop crying! It was so cool! He has had some serious faith problems and he said that he's finding his faith again! He said that when he's ready he'll be baptised!!!!! he said that he feels like the holy ghost has influenced him in the decisions he made that has led him to meeting with us! It's been awesome! I've litteraly seen a change since the first time we met with James! Haha well my hippie goat hearder I named Doug is in Portland right now going through a surgery. He has Lugarics disease and his health is slowly declining.. Hopefully we will get to meet with him next week and give him a blessing! He had to give up his goats though :( because of his health.. He really needs the gospel in his life right now. He has been reading and we are takeing care of his lawn while he is away.
Suzanne was sick this week and she had to cancel her appointment with us but she let us come over to give her a blessing. That was an incredible experience! I was given the opportunity to give her the blessing and as soon as I put my hands on her head I felt and extent of Love for her that I knew had to come from Heavenly Father. It was crazy! I don't remember what I said but everysigle word was distinctly put in my head! The priesthood is real and I'm so honored for the opportunities I have to use it as directed by the Holy Ghost! Anyways she has faith problems as well and she is very self conscious and so the blessing was alot about God's incredible love for her! Sooo that was so awesome! we had a good lesson with Brian Davis and he invited us over for Pizza and a lesson this week! He also came to stake conference!@! hahaha
so speaking of stake conference we had Elder Bowen and Elder Hamilton of the seventy come down to help in selecting a new stake president! It was way cool! Elder Bowen had the missionaries stand up and asked me infront of the whole stake what I was going to do when I got home from my mission... and I was like a whole bunch of stuff.. get married , go to school, get job, start a family.. apparently that wasn't good enough so he asked me a few more questions to get me to read his mind of which I failed at. Haha so He was shooting for me to say find an eternal companion. Hhaha which was apparently super obvious to ever single person there accept me.. The next day at Stake conference he pulled me aside and I got to talk to him for a bit and he apologized for puttin me on the spot lol! haha it was funny though! everyone thought it was super funny and I got teased by like the entire stake about not wanting to get married.. Hahaha if they only knew ;) anyway that was fun! A General authority got to make fun of me infront of a thousand people... :)
Well thats about it for the week! This is the last week of this transfer!!!!!!!!!!! isn't that crazy! it seems like me and Epperson just got here lol! anyways I'll let yall know what happens with transfer calls this Saturday! I love you all so much! I love being able to help people! Its just a good feeling! have a good week!
Love E Aaron!!!!!!!!! 

Hhaha we also scared the pants off of Elder Bennett and Christianson last night :) that was super fun! we shut off all the lights in the house and jumped out from there closets when they finally got to their room! haha fun stuff lol! Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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