Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ni Hao mi familia!!!

        Hahaha hey errryone! how in the heck have you all been doing? Thank you dad for keeping me up to date on whats going on! everyone else!!!! whats up guys! I'm still wanting to be apart of stuff! he Mic and manda! email me yo'S! haha and Kera get me your email address to! Hey also I've realized that I need to repent and be better at talkin to my whole family so If you all could send me the Goodmanson's address and Grammy's email address and all that.. Haha I have a little more email time now so I want to make sure I'm using it to stay in touch with everyone!

  Soo anyways my week was crazy! We ended up teaching 27 lessons!!! which is the most I've ever taught in a single week so far! haha It felt nice to be so busy! We went down to Boise on Tuesday and that was awesome!  President Cannon is a super funny and awesome guy and I get super inspired to work like crazy when I get to talk to him! hahah it was funny to see all the Greenis talk like they knew every thing after 3 weeks ;) haha I've never seen that anywhere else before ;) but ya we did allot of training and I got to see some of my city folk mission bud's so  that was fun! Hahaha we had a separate meeting for just trainers where we talked about what our newb's need help with and need to work on and how we can help them and that was good! E Epperson is super critical of himself and struggles with confidence during lesson's so that's what I asked about and I'm really just trying to boost his confidence! That will come with study and experience though so it might be a little..

Anyways we drove like all day and woke up at 4am which was crazy and we ended up getting back at about 6! Just in time to get the work for the night! We had a lot of member support and help in  finding teaching opportunities! We ended up find 2 freakin awesome new Investigators from it! Hhaha one is this German student at EOU who is Mallory's friend. His name is Faulk which is pretty cool!(haha I'm thinking first boy child's name for sure) haha anyways he already has his PHD in Philosophy and is working on his second Doctorate in some type of psychology.. haha so he's like a genius and even in the first lesson with him he has some very deep and intellectual questions! Which is freakin cool! haha I like a challenge and it just force's us to be even more prepared for lessons.

Anyways another cool experience happend with James Thompson(yet another of Mallory's friends(she's freakin a 10x better missionary then I am!!!)) Haha he actually finally came to church yesterday!!! that's was so cool! He really enjoyed it and was very touched that he was allowed to take the sacrament even if he wasn't a member! That was cool! he share a story with us ho w he wasn't allowed to take it at his dad's church and it always made him feel excluded and unworthy.. He said that he felt warm and welcomed at ours though! that was sooooo awesome! he ended up coming to Mallory's New member lesson later that same day and said that he wants to read and take learning more seriously now!!! one of the coolest things about it was how freakin excited Mallory got because of his experience!!! Soo that was cool!
I also finally got to meet with Jon again!!!!!! haha I hadn't heard from that kid in about a month! He's leaving to Byu tomorrow and he's been keeping up on his reading and praying which was good to hear! Also!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He watched gernaral conference and he said that every single talked seemed to be talking about missionary work to him and he prayed after and said that those talks were directed at him telling him that he needed to serve a mission!!!!!!!!! Holy cow I like almost jumped out of my sleep and started crying at the same time lol! He'S going to meet with his Bishop at BYU to discuss the necessary steps and things he needs todo now to prepare but he wants to leave if he can next March at his 1 year mark! soo as soon as he possibly can especially ! He said that he would love to speak Chinese still but he would rather serve in the States!! anyways it'll be sad to seem him go but I got his contact info and I'm just so pumped for him! I knew he was going to do some amazing things! His testimony is already so strong!  

We also had some very good lesson's with less active members and a few of them came to church yesterday! Me and Epperson freaked out when Roddy (this awesome dude from Palou) walked in with his whole family!!! sooo Tight! anyways we were very blessed this week and it felt so good to see the gospel work with a bunch of people! Ok so the hardest moment of the week came on Saturday.. We met with a new member named Zack and he told us that he was done with the church and that he just wanted to cut ties completely... He felt like he was being to pressured to be perfect and since he stopped come to church it has actually been relieving... We tried to help him understand that Christ's gospel isn't designed to burden us its whole purpose is to lift us and take htose burdens away! No matter what though he had made up his mind.. He didn't want us to even text him anymore. Hahah but!! after a little persuasion I did get him to agree to let me come say goodbye to him when I leave the area.

We talked to some people in the YSA branch and they are going to just keep being his friend and reaching out to him. It sucks but it was a huge reality check for me on how important it is to help people more  fully develop their testimonies before things like Baptism. He's a good kid though! He'll come back around! We definitely haven't given up on him!!!! haha so We get to taste the sour and the sweet on a mission and I'm so glad that since Heavenly Father loves us most of the time we are overloaded with the sweet! Suzanne's doing really well! Doug is doing really well! Ruby is doing awesome preparing for her Baptism!  I can see a few more in this area coming up to!

 Thats about it for the week! I can't complain at all! I'm love"n it! We only have 2 weeks left in this transfer!!! thats insane  ahah this week was literally a blur lol! Anyways! Hey is there anything that yall want to hear about that I'm not covering in my emails?? I try to get you's guy's the highlights and share some strories but If you have some questions let me know!! Soo Yup!

Thank you as always for the Love and support! it really does mean the world to me! I know that this is the work of God! That is absolutely for sure! It wouldn't help and touch so many different people in so many different ways if it wasn't divinely inspired! I love it! I love my Savior and I love my Heavenly father! Keep on being awesome! I love you a so much! HAHA HEY! I'm going to talk to yalls in less then a month! SCHWEET!!! haha
<3's via E Aaron aka Elda Fliptastic!

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