Monday, August 5, 2013

Hey-yo people :)

Que onda mi amigos!

This was a really good week! But holy cow there was a bunch of stuff that reminded me of home! Its kinda funny though that even when I get reminded of home I don't get home sick anymore. Which is nice! I've been really blessed in that has never really been a big problem for me! My shoulder is feeling fine! I have no updates on my end really.. I got to go to the temple on Thursday that was awesome! I had the opportunity to just sit and pray and think about a bunch od things and the more I prayed and asked about my shoulder surgery the more at peace I felt about the whole situation which was really awesome! I kinda just got the answer that Heavenly Father wants me to take care of my self, and that I will still be his servant during my surgery and I'll get to go back after! I also got the feeling that if I would use my faith and work with my situation he would lift me up and help me magnify my calling even if I'm not 100%. So that was cool :) haha I've been really worried and hurting at the idea of having to leave and take a break right when I'm getting the hang of all this but now I'm much more at peace with the idea! Thank you for the prayers! I've definitely felt them! Its pretty crazy the difference they have made! haha my testimony of Heavenly Fathers lover for us has definitely been strengthened!

Any ways the week was awesome! Our fireside last night went really well!!! we had the whole stake center packed with people all the way to the back of the gym and up on the stage!! People seemed to really get involved and I thought me and e Perdue pretty much beasted our part ;) haha whats pretty crazy I realized that before my mission I got super nervous top talk just in our sacrament meetings and now I wasn't nervous at all last night and there was over 700 people there last night!!! haha I can definitely tell that even us English missionaries get gifts of the spirit because I was able to just speak clearly the words that came to my mind and joke with everyone and it was a good time! haha I'm sure I'll go back to getting super nervous after my mission! But anyways for the closing hymn of the fireside the missionaries sang the first verse of called to serve and then the congregation joined in the second verse! Holy cow!!!!!!! The spirit was almost over powering! As soon as we started the second verse everyone started to stand up and you could look out over the audience and there was a lot of people with tears in there eyes singing about our mandate to spread the gospel. That was definitely one of the more memorable moments of my mission so far!
The Church is so strong here and the members have such a strong desire to serve our Father in Heaven! we are really blessed to be here at this time and to be a part of the work of salvation for the children of God! We also had a bunch of awesome lessons this week! Kara Scott who is an incredible investigator who has had such a hard life called us and said she wants to set a goal to be baptized! she has been reading the assignments we've given her and praying hard about making this change in her life and she said that the most incredible feeling of peace came over her! we are going to set a baptismal goal for September with her this week! Terrian came to all of church yesterday!!!!!!!!! which was freakin cool! she said that August is her new start and for now on she is coming to church every sunday!! the bishop and members of the ward were so warm and welcoming!! holy cow I love that woman! she is so awesome and I am amazed at how the light have Christ as illuminated her life and brought a great change in her! heck ya! It people like her and Kara and a bunch of the others we get to teach that make this so rewarding! I've really found lately when I try my hardest to absolutely forget my self and do what the Lord wants me to by serving with all my heart I have been filled with desire to do this work and love for my peoples :) Chase is still on track to get baptized on the 24th and he commited to live the Word of Wisdom!

That's about it for my week! thanks for all of the love and support! Keep me in the loop about whats been going on ok?? haha I love My savior and his work! Its just freakin cool!

Have an stupendous week!!!!
Love E Aaron mac!

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