Monday, August 12, 2013

Why Hello!

Hey everybody!!

this was a pretty crazy week as far as my weeks are conserned :) haha ofcourse we were just doing the same ole thing but it was just good! No update for my shoulder.. Dr Linjinquist called to see if I had heard anything from yall which i hadn't and I haven't read any of your emails yet so you know as much as me :)
The work has been going really well! It was the county fair this week which in Idaho is a huge deal... lol like the whole town shuts down to go watch things like pig wrestleing... which is really crazy.. also extremely.. country? haaha they make a massive mud pit then they grease up a big ole pig and you and your team have like 2 mins to catch it and put it in this bucket thing... hahahhahaha they have like all age groups! haha its a bi deal to be the pig wrestleing chapion in these parts!  Haha Everyone wanted us to make a missionary team for it because it would apparently be a great way to find people to recieve the gospel lol... we turned down that offer but it just funny.. People around here are to funny! I've noticed that I've deffinitley become more ascstomed to small country towns and stuff but I don't think I'm a cow-boy rancher quite yet lol.
We had some awesome teaching experiences this week! we Set a baptisimal date with Terrian Jenkins!!! holy cow that was the craziest thing ever! She has just completely through the Atonement 180 changed her life around am I'm so glad I got to be apart of it! Hahaha she had to set it for September 7th at 7'oclock because its the luckiest time lol. She wanted to do it on the 7th month as well but she didn't want to wait and she said that the 9th month can be just as lucky! It was just a super powerful lesson with her! We read Mosiah 18 8-10 with her and asked her what was holding her back and she said absolutely nothing that the Lord couldn't help her with! She has been super invloved in relief sosiety and wants to be called to be a ward missionary! haha she got a copy of PMG last week so she could learn our tricks so she can start warming her friends up to us! haha she is so funny! She is like the toughest lady ever and she NEVER cries but when she was telling us how grateful she has been for all of the missionaries that wouldn't give up on her and for how the perfect message of the gospel helped her come form the darkest place anyone can be to liveing in to constant light :) she was tearing up a little :) she's so awesome! She says that because of the darkness she saw she can see so easly the dark from the light and she is staying as far in the light as she can!! Its been crazy to see the change in her even since I got here! She used to be kinda sad and still had a darker countenance but now she is the happiest person ever and  her whole countance just seems to glow!!! its super cool!!! Deffinietly one of the miricles of serveing a mission!
I got to go on exchanges in the Spainish area this week! Which was super tight! I can testify now of the gift of toungues. I started the day off not understaning anything but as we sat and taught and talked to those people in Spainish the craziest thing happened! I could totally understand what they were talking about!! ahahaha like not every word at all but I understood what we were talking about. Especially when we got into Gospel topics and our lessons! that was way cool! I learned enough from E Grajalaz to bear my testimony of Christ and Joesph Smith and the Book of Moromon and just stuuf like that! which was so cool. I was super nervous to say anything at first but when It came my turn to testify I felt the spirit super strong and the words just came out smoothly and I know they understood them and felt the spirit to! haha they said my spainish was good but they were just being kind. It deffintiely wasn't eloquint but it just was a testimony builder that you don't have to speak all fancy, If it comes from your heart and its true the spirit will wittness the truth of it!!

We had a bunch of other really cool lessons! Cage the 13 year old we started teaching accepted an invite to be baptized and is just waiting for his brother to get some time to come up and baptise him!! way cool! he reads and prays ever night! Yup! it was a good week! The fair got in the way of a few lessons but we worked aroung it and were deffinitley blessed because of it! Me and E Perdue started asking every single member we talked to at church for referals and we got quite a few of them! that was super cool! haha and everyone we asked at least said they would be thinking about it and working on it! The culture of our wards is slowly becomeing more missionary minded and we are doing everything we can to move that along! I Know that the work is going to explode out here super soon!! We have transfers next monday and I'm really hopeing to stay 1 more with E Perdue but We'll see!

I love what I'm doing and I love you all!! Thank you for the prayers and support!

Love Elder Macfarlane!

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