Monday, August 19, 2013

HOLA... from Twin Falls!

Well hey everyone!
I'm sorry about not emailing yesterday but it was crazy.. We had transfers and lo and behold just as things were getting awesome in Jerome I got transfered to Twin Falls... It hurt like crazy when I first got the phone call.. like I feel like I really put all of my heart and mind into that area like I haven't done before and because of all that I kinda fell in love with all my people.. But we get transfered for reasons and I know the Lord needs me here in the Twin South stake. I had to help organize and move people yesterday and work out getting cars around so thats why I didn't get to email. Eler Perdue is training in Jerome after only 9 weeks! crazy! My new comp Elder Durney has been out for 6 weeks and he is way cool! His last comp was E Bloomfeild!!!!! unfortunaly for him Bloom was going home and was feeling pretty lazy this past transfer so he didn't get the best example of missionary work.. or obedience.. But thats ok!! He is way cool and he is so willing to work hard and be obiedient so I'm stoked! Ok our area is like in down town(hahaha they have freaking corn and potato fields in the middle of the city out here lolololol) but we live on a farm kinda lol! We live with the Waters family and they are so awesome!! we had FHE with them last night and they gave us like 6 referals! nice! the area hasn't had a lot of work put into it for the past 6 months or so,so we are stoked to get it all jumpin!! Ok! so in Jerome the past week it was kinda tough.. we were in a 3some for awhile because one of our zonleaders got called to be an assistant to the president. So we worked both areas.. haha and on top of that our phone busted on Thursday so setting things up and contacting was tough.. It was good though! Chase is all set to be baptised this Saturday!!!!!! way pumped for that! He is so ready and he deffinitelpy has his eyes pointed on the temple in a year! which I could go to with him! Terrian is still on for September 7th. She took the transfer kinda hard but we are gunna see if I can go up to baptise her and Tory her 13yr old son. O yeah!!! Tory is getting baptised now to!! way cool! I didnt get pictures with them this time aroung though because they were out of town this past weekend. But yup! We had a bunch of fun! Elder Perdue is way nervous about training but he asked if he could have a blessing and we both felt alot better afterward. My testimony contiues to grow on how real the preisthood is and how really the Holy Ghost is. Its amzing to have words come out of your mouth in a lesson or a blessing or something that6 you know are not yours.. I love that :) I'm loveing my mission guys! It seriously the best thing that has ever happened to me! I'm really starting to realize just how much I have to be grateful for. I love you! Thanks for all of the love and support! keep the prayers rolling and i challenge yall for 15mins a day in the scrips! ;) sound like a deal!? Have an awesome week! MIRANDA!!!!!!!!!! Good luck at flippin college!! Love you!

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