Monday, August 26, 2013

Hello. VIA TFS!!

Well whats up eustedes??

haha so this week was pretty dang cool actually! Like It was tough leaving Jerome but I prayed that I would be filled with love for my new area and holy cow that worked! I freakin Love it! Its just sweet! We had a baptism of a ex member named D! That was super cool! D has been out of the church for 32 years and forgot like literally everything and hearing his story is really humbling. He prayed about 6 months ago about what God truly wanted him to do and he got an answer that he needed to give the mormons another chance and he said that he was like NOOO!! hahaha but he is a huge example to me of how the Atonement can heal a broken heart and how the Holy Ghost can comfort a troubled soul!  I just got to teach him once before his baptism but I was glad I got to be apart of it!! Chase in Jerome got Baptized this week too! I got to talk to him on the phone on Sat and he was super excited! man that guy is so humble! I'm so glad I had the opportunity to teach him from the beginning! going to the baptism would have been cool but the important thing is it happened and Chase is so happy that he can start a new life living the gospel of Jesus Christ!! Because of my surgery I might get to go with him to the temple and see him and Taylor get sealed!!

So the work out here is going ok! Hhaha there is tons of potential! We have a Burmese branch inside one of our English wards!!! its flippin sweet! haha when we teach them we have to have a translator which is a different experience but It has really strengthend my testimony of how the Holy Ghost can testify of truth even in a different languag! We taught a whole family of 6!! and they all committed to get baptized and come to all of church every week! We have another lesson with a family of 7 tonight!! its freakin awesome!! they are such a loveing and humble people! they like hunger for the gospel! They have had like 60 Burmease get baptised in the past 2 years or so! Its actually pretty crazy all the people that we teach! We teach 2 Iraqi families that are originally Muslim but they want to believe in Christanity! We also teach this brothers form boutsuana in Africa! they speak pretty good english but they are so freakin knowlegeable about the bible! but they also love learning and like reading out of the Book of Mormon!! We have a 12 year old named Anthony that is so freakin awesome!! We set a baptisimal date with him for September 7th! He love reading and praying and is a spiritual giant! his mom is LA and he drags her to church and all that! its cool :) We teach a couple other families and we have a ton of potential! The family we live with is so awesome! they take such good care opf us and they love us because we are trying to work hard and be obedient! which is a bit differetn then what they have experienced... Hahah there 14 yr old son Rockard loves board games and we play 15mins of monopoly with him as we write in our jurnels every night! Its fun! The work is good and we have a bunch of good stuff comeing! I love doing this work! It definitely can get hard sometimes but its so rewarding! I know that this is Gods work and I want to do it as best as I can! Today will be pretty cool!
LOVE YOU ALL!!! Thank you for the love and support!!

P.s my companion Elder Durney is way cool and so hard working! I love him! 

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