Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Training, teaching, and baptisms in LaGrande

Hey everybody!! This week was pretty awesome but it felt super long for some reason..

As far as my Shoulder updates I don't know a whole lot more then you all do. I had President and Sister Curtis join me and Elder Perdue for our companion study on Thursday and then we had interviews with President afterward. It felt good to just sit and talk about the whole situation. He's all for helping me get the ball rolling with all the doctors stuff and also in making the right decision. He gave me a blessing afterwards and I felt alot more at peace about the possibility of getting this done now. So we'll see how long it will take to get all of the doctor stuff and appointments taken care of. I'm just trying to not let it bother me. Thank you all for fasting and praying for me!!! I know that its helped a bunch!! thats for sure! I'm still looking at my options but I really have been feeling more at peace with getting it taken care of now! Honestly it doesn't hurt like at all!! Like its just weird.. It just feels really loose and unstable and I can definitely feel it bounce around in there and stuff but its not painful! Haha the reason Id get surgery now is so I wont have sever arthritis pain when I'm 30 lol. But I am definitely willing to just be patient and see how everything pans out!

    The week was really good though! We had a trainers meeting thing on Wednesday and that was awesome! It was actually pretty crazy, I had been praying super hard all morning to be able to feel the Spirit and learn what I needed to learn and all that and I definitely had my prayer answered! haha I guess that I must have had some emotions built up or something because of all this medical stuff cuz like everything made me cry lol like I was kinda a mess haha and that almost never happens to me. But It was just really amazing to feel the Holy Ghost just kinda overpower me when I needed to hear something! It was a cool experience :) haha I realized just how much I still had to work on and everything and how much I still had to grow as a missionary and person but ya can't change something unless you know you need to change!
Anyways we had some incredible lessons this week! We have 2 more weeks left in this transfer and I really hope I get to stay but we'll see whats up.. I Love this area though!! the members are so incredible! one of our wards is so entirely focused on missionary work its freakin legit! haha I never really thought about if we had a missionary minded ward back home.. I feel like we might have had some improving to do ;) but its super cool! we are having a stake wide fast for missionary work this Sunday and a fireside on being an everyday missionary and everyone is super excited about it! they have been announcing it for 2 weeks already and everyone is talking about it! We have a member of the 70 coming Elder and sister Allen and President and Sister Curtis are coming as well! It'll be awesome!! haha Its a little nerve racking because I get to talk and teach quite a bit and it'll be pretty much a stake conference size deal on missionary work! but I'm pumped!!
The work here in Jerome is about to explode and I'm super excited to be here to see it! I just hope I don't get transferred before all of the fruits of our labors come in!! C is still super pumped about his baptism! and we are going to be setting at least 2 more dates this week with a couple of youth that we are going to begin teaching! One of them (CP 13) we found by contacting a part member family before and appointment and while the parents were super not happy to see us C was all excited and accepted and invite to take the lessons and has been coming to church with his grandma ever since! super awesome! he's a good kid! I love being able to teach youth because I know that if they can make changes know and accept the gospel in their lives they can avoid most if not all of the heartache our older investigators have felt! T committed to come to church every week starting in August!! We are going to get her to talk with her parole officer and get her an interview with president Curtis and she can get baptized!!! she strengthens my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ so much because her life was just completely full of darkness and now it is full of light and happiness!!! She'll kill it as a Relief Society president someday!!! Some people I taught in Lagrande got baptized recently!!! S this past Saturday and SF 2 weeks ago!! super awesome!! 

   This week we are going to work hard and kill it! our area is really beginning to come along and we are haveing a blast in doing it! I haven't felt as frustrated or stressed recently and while the work is still hard and a little scary it is just been super enjoayable and I've been feelin pretty good :)
Thanks again for all of the love and support!!! Send some prayers Larissa's way ok?? SHE'S GOING TO ARGENTINA TODAY!!!! Thats sweet! I love you all! thank you so much!!
Elder Aaron Macfarlane!

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