Monday, July 22, 2013

Well hey peoples of home!

So Hola! haha this week has been kinda crazy! I 'll get the boring part out first.

Me at the Twin Temple! haha its so pretty! haven't been able to go in yet but hopefully soon!!
    So I'm sure you all know by now but I had a doctors appointment on Thursday. I finally felt like I just had to get it checked out and I couldn't wait anymore. Doctor Mckee is a really good doctor and he's a member as well so that was nice. Its apparently just as or more unstable as it was before. He's not sure of what condition my labrum is in but I got X-rays and the bone socket that holds the round arm bone part(I forgot all the medical names for these things haha) in place is broken.. apart of the circleular area has been shoved back down my arm which allows my shoulder to pretty much slide in and out and all around pretty constantly.. He says it feels pretty bad and that I will need open surgery on the bone to re-shape the whole socket area and probably put the labrum back together as well.. So thats all kinda tough. He recomended surgery soon but he told me to make sure I get a blessing and to fast and pray to see if its what the Lord wants me todo right now. I'm all for that! haha it didn't even really hit me that I might have to go home for surgery untill the next day when President Curtis called me and talked about the situation... I probably haven't cried like that for awhile.. I just really don't want to leave.. you here about missionaries that have to take time off for medical issues but you never think it will be you. It just hit me super hard how much I love what I'm here doing and how incredibly grateful I am to have this chance and to be right here in Twin Falls Idaho.. If it was up to me I would wait untill my time is up but I'm definitely going to find out as much as I can and pray and fast really hard before deciding to go back for surgery. I just know I'm here for a reason and I want so bad to beable to serve and do everything I am meant to do. That all :) anyways I guess I'll be finding out more about the whole thing here pretty soon. I'm deffinitely open to all advice for sure :) haha whether   I have to go home for a bit or I get to stay and finish I just want yall to know that I love being here and honestly it is the biggest blessing I've ever recieved and its not a sacrifice at all! haha the thought of being released to be home for surgery soon is super weird.. I'll have no idea what to do with myself lol!

    Anyways heres the good part! We had an awesome week!!! despite distractions we were able to pick ourselves up and get work done!! The most awesomest part was on Saturday we set 2 baptismal dates!!! one with C Who I've talked about a bit but he is so awesome!! we were just teaching about faith and reading out of Alma 32 with him when we felt inspired to ask him how his prays about being ready have been going and him and his wife both got the biggest smiles on their faces and he said 'they've been good and I think he's telling me I'm ready to be dunked"!!! haha so awesome! The next one was a kid we met for the first time!! His name is Z and he is 16 and just moved up form Utah!! The Spanish elders accidentally ran into him and asked him if he would like to learn about Heavenly Father and he said yes!! They set up a time for us and we came by and taught him the Restoration and he said it just felt right! He agreed to read out of the Book of Moromon and pray for confirmation that he is making the right choice! He agreed to be baptized on Aug 24th! We are pumped! he didn't make it to church yesterday because his mom made him drive her to SLC.. She is an athiest so we have been praying really hard for her heart to be softened and all of that! So that was way cool!
We also found a few solid new investigators and a bunch of them are really making some great progress!! We are super pumped! We are definitely blessed for staying focused and keeping the work up! The member support is just awesome! we have been getting Home and Visiting teachers assigned to our investigator families and getting all of the auxiliaries involved in helping them progress! Its meant the world to a bunch of people! We had the opportunity to teach a woman named L this week who really needs the gopel right now! She lost her husband 3 months ago and she is losing her house right now.. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation and invited her to read an pray. She says she really wants to have her faith strengthened again and she know that we'll be able to help her do that! We are meeting with her this week so that'll be awesome! Its just been good all around teaching and doing service! 

    Haha don't worry about me I'm fine! It really doesn't hurt to bad and its definitely manageable! Just pray that the whole insurance and getting all of the medical thingts set up and squared away goes smoothly so that all of this can get done! I'm just going to work really hard in the mean time and focus only on the people out here! Thank you for all of the love and support and all of that jazz! It means the world! I love what I'm doing and I want to keep doing it for as long as I can!
Have an awesome week! Let me know whats up at home yall slackers!!!! haha
E Aaron Macfarlane!

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