Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Week 2 in Jerome!

Hey all yalls!!

What a crazy week!!! haha we had a ton of great stuff happen and i'm not really sure where to start.. We got our new mission president on Saturday!!!! President and Sister Curtis! that was nuts! We had a big meeting to get to know them and they seem really awesome and just ready to get to work! thats my kind of mission president! they are form utah but have been sereveing a mission in Georgia when they got there call to come here! so thats cool they know what it feels like to be a missionary!
*(note: all the pics in this post are flashbacks from LaGrande - not from Jerome)
The Chadwick fam! haha we taught a lesson in there home every week for 6 months! so awesome I love them!!!  
They told us about some crazy changes and stuff.... drum roll.... we aren't aloud to wear backpacks anymore... haha the church instead asks us to use man purses... or "saddle bags" that stinks... so ya I have 3 months to find one that I like to replace the good old backpack.. but the cool thing is the reason we wont wear backpacks anymore is because we wont be carying that much materieals any more!! because by the end of this year we are going to be a completely digital mission and each companionship will have an ipad for record keeping and teaching!! haha thats pretty crazy! other things changed now to like we can wear kaki pants now!!! haha I know sweet!!!! I'm pretty excited lol! but ya they just really relaxed the dress code and the church is letting more personality through in the way we dress! haha still white shirts and ties though! but ya theres a bunch of new stuff going on! 

And DOUG!!! At his goat cabin in the mountains!! - Holy hard it was to say goodbye to this guy but I love him so much!
In the area we were without a car for a few days cuz the other missionaries put a nice dent in it.. so we walked in the heat and we were blessed for it! we were able to teach so many LA members!!! it was pretty crazy! literally everyone seemed to be home! We also found a guy who invited us in for some water and asked us for a BOM!!! That was legit!! haha too bad he's moveing in a couple weeks but he is just full of questions!
We taught a coulple kids named Chloe and Trevan who are 11 and 13 and holy cow they are so prepared! They are like spiritual giants and have a way better understanding of the gospel then I did at their age! They will get baptized soon! the only problem is they go to church with their grandparents up in Burley Idaho soo it makes the whole baptiseing them in this ward kinda tricky! they are so solid and read and pray everyday though! That seems to be the case with alot of the young people we teach in this area! The kids are thirsty for it and have to drag their parents along! It goes to show that this comeing generation is even more rightous and ready for the world then mine was! ummm The family we live with is super awesome!
Me and Mallory and the Royers!! I love those ppl!!
The Powells have a son on a mission and take super good care of us!! we had a big breakfast with them this morning on their poarch over looking the valley which was super cool! We also tuaght a guy this week named Chase who promised his wife that they WILL have a Temple marriage so you can say he's pretty golden! he's super cool to and will get dunked here pretty quick! Me and Perdue have been getting along super well! I love that kid! he is an awesome teacher and is just a spiritual giant! I think we'll be able to have some good sucsess together!
Me and one of the Royers
Our wards are really good! Bro Black is a ward missionary in one of our wards and he seriously would come out with us every day! he spent probably a solid 6 hours teaching lessons and driveing us around this week! I've never seen such a devoted member missionary! His love for everyone is just incredible to! He tells us literally everywhere he takes us home much he loves the people we are going to see and it show in our lessons! We started teaching a new family this week! Terrian Jenkins and her son Tory and his friend Suga Shane Moses lol haha he's like the only black kid in Jarome! but they are awesome and super solid! They have had a really rough life and Terri says that literally everytime we come over its an awnser to one of her prayers!! wow! its really feels good when someone understands how much you want to help them and how much the message of the gospel will do for them! 

That's about it! We have been super blessed in this area and I know its because how hard we are working to be deligent and obedient! It crazy how much Heavenly Father loves us! We gave a blessing to a woman last night and as soon as we walked in ther door the spirit was there and I felt this unbeleavable love that can only come from a loving heavenly father! Bro Black gave the blessing and it was really powerful! Its incredible that the power to administer to the sick is back on ther earth! It made me really grateful for Dad how he was always willing and worthy to use use the Priesthood to bless our family. I deffinitely want that for my future family! I've seen to many broken homes who don't have access to that and it really does affect everything!
I love you all so much! Share the gospel and all of that jazz!
Love Aaron

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