Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Buenos Dias!

Hhaha Hola! como estas!?!
I'm a missionario de la espanol now lol! haha it was a fun week! mi districo esta fantastico! its kinda weird having 5 spainish missionaries in my district but its cool! District meeting was super fun! I spoke in all the Spainish I knew and I probably offended sis Maese(who is from a actual mexican family that  speaks only spainish..) haha but I had a good time!
Elder Bennett was in Twin for 3 weeks - we hung out all day on P-day! I love that lil guy!!

It felt weird being a district leader which is just one of those silly missionary things but still... Hahaha I'm going to get to go on exchanges with the Spanish elders in the Spanish area! I'm excited to pick up some more words! We went to a legit Mexican place for lunch and I ate my first Leguo! Which is cow tongue! haha the texture felt super weird.. but it tasted pretty good! this place also serves Tripas which is pig intestines! nice! 

   The week was super good though! we had a few awesome lessons! C is comeing along and I'm really thinking that we'll set a Bap date with him soon! If he gets dunked soon I'll get to go with him to the temple and see his family get sealed! that would be so sick! We helped T move this week. She is this super awesome lady who has been in and out of jail for most of her life. So while we were helping her move I accidentally dropped a picture of Christ on the ground and I kept on taking other things out of the truck. She immediately ran over and picked the picture up and cleaned it off and said "I'm sorry buddy" :) That picture was the first thing to be put up in her house<3 That was the most incredible feeling. Her love for the Savior is so strong because she has had to lean on him so much to lift herself up and change! She is so awesome! If her parole officer gives her permission she will be baptized her very soon!
We started teaching a new family this week! Their names are M and L. They are super cool! M is a member and L was raised Baptist! We talked to them for like an hour on Saturday and holy cow they have had a colorful past! haha matt has been to jail a few times and used to be involved with a pretty rough crowd. They are really trying to turn their lives around though! They are getting married this week! we invited them to hear the lessons and they said they would love to! L will definitely get baptized and it would be so cool if Matt could get worthy to preform the baptisim! We'll see though! We have 3 sets of kids who are getting really close to baptism! they are so awesome! most of these kids have a better knowledge and desire then I did at their age! The Ms V(15) and E13) are really cool! We had a lesson just all about why the gospel of Jesus Christ is so important! That is like the first time I've taught someone who had like no idea about the Atonment before but completely understood what we taught them! It was awesome! the only thing slowing us with them and alot of these kids is that they trade off between divorced parents during the summer. I feel so bad for them because you can tell it hurts a bunch having their families separated.. I think  that it has brought them to search for love from their Father in Heaven though so that is way cool. We teach in alot of homes that our ether broken or just messed up. We teach alot of people that have been to prison and have been involved with some serious stuff. Its incredible :) I love this kind of work! The Lord prepares people to hear the gospel. Just like in the BOM with the Zoramites people in humble circumstances turn to God for help and he is so willing to open his arms to them and forgive them and heal them. Its the most amazing feeling to see the spiritual scars a person caries with them heal! Some of these ex-convicts are such spirtual power houses because they have tangibly felt the physical and spiritual healing powers of the Atonement.
My faith has grown so much and my desire to help these people continue to learn and grow has changed and grown so much. I am really trying to allow love to be my motivator for all of my actions. And its not easy thats for sure! I get tired and I get cranky and sometimes I even feel lazy ;) haha but the more I try to love the people I am called to minister to, the easier it is to fight off all of those negative emotions! its been cool :) I had the opportunity to speak on Sunday and it was so awesome! I had the spirit give me so much of my talk right there on the spot! It is the most amazing feeling to know that the Holy Ghost is with you and can guide and direct you. I really do want to always be worthy enough so that the Lord can use me as a tool when he needs to!

I love you all so much! haha I've been missing home and all of you this week but I've felt alot of peace and comfort to helping me out! I'm 11 months today!!! aint that crazy!!!!! hahaha let me know how yall's weeks be going ok??

Love E Aaron!

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