Monday, December 3, 2012

Bicycles & the Christmas Season

Hey guys!!!
Hope you all are having an amazing week! how were Joe and Micky's bdays?? haha Happy late Birthday again yalls twos!! Wellll its been sort of a hard week. My new companion Elder Palmer is a cool guy, a little quite though. He's willing to work hard though so that's the important thing! haha so my Bike actually got stolen out of our Garage last Monday... so we went and picked up a bike for Elder Palmer to come back and find mine gone... Its ok though I got it from another missionary and it was kind of a piece of junk haha. Anyways we had to walk for a couple of days because of that.. I am currently borrowing a bike from one of the Less actives we teach so I am doing great now! haha as soon as we got the bike I'm riding now Elder Palmers bike broke down and we had to get it fixed... We both have bikes now though and they are both working great! haha you don't realize how wonderful it is to have a bike until you spend a few days walking! So it was good for me. I will never complain about being on a bike again! We didn't get as much teaching done this week because of our transportation issues but what we did get done was pretty good! Its a little bit different/more stressful to lead an area but I know its good for me. We are working a lot with the youth now because of the age being lowered. We taught the Priests and Laurels in one of our wards yesterday and we are teaching the youth of one of our other wards at a fireside in a couple of weeks! Its pretty cool! a bunch of them are getting ready to go and are super willing to do some missionary work. We did a little tracking this week I found my first Investigator from a cold door approach! They are a super cool family and right now we are just teaching them about Jesus Christ and the Christmas season!! It will be pretty cool to see how the Christmas spirit effects people and hopefully it will open some doors! I hope you all are having a wonderful week! I miss reading our Christmas stories in Dec.. That is a super cool tradition! anyways that's about it for this time! this coming week should be pretty dang good! Love and miss you all a ton! Love Elder Aaron Steele Macfarlane! aka the bomb diggity  (haha) Merry Early Christmas! what can I get yall or send or anything for Christmas??

Send him letters! Especially during this Christmas season, he would love to hear from you all!
Elder Aaron Macfarlane
520 Railroad Court
Nampa, ID 83687

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