Monday, December 10, 2012

Awesome time to be a missionary!

Merry Christmas alls yalls!!!!!!!!
Its a pretty awesome time to be a missionary! haha first off thank you so much for the care package the drugs were pretty needed.. I'm feelin a ton better now though! I also have a coat that I bought last Monday so yes I am plenty warm! as far as my bike goes i am still borrowing one but I might be leaving this area on Jan 6 so I'm going to hold off on making decisions on a bike or not until then. We are staying very busy!! me and E Palmer came up with a CHRISTMAS lesson plan that we are going around and sharing with a bunch of members and their friends/fams! It is really cool!! I love teaching it because we talk about the prophecies of Christs birth and then we read the account of his birth and then we talk about his life and teachings!!! its awesome to teach and even better to study about! I have learned a ton the past few weeks!! I've finally been able to start reading Jesus the Christ and it is a amazing book!!! haha Im not very far because I have been cross referencing everything with my scrips! speaking of which a new quad and scripture case would be an awesome Christmas present!! my old one is getting pretty worn out and I don't want to destroy them... Also many many scripture highlighters with tons of colors! haha you know your a missionary when all you want is stuff to help ya learn and study better! but I've really been getting into my studies lately! I've been trying to memorize a scrip every day and I'm almost done with my BOM scripture masteries!! what book are you(mics and mnm) reading for seminary?? anyways we have been doing well and people have been taking really good care of us. We started teaching a new Investigator this past week named Cindy and she is way cool!!! she has a ton of Q's so it keeps us busy! haha we also have 2 new investigators Delilah & Rob who are both really cool and very interested! hopefully we will be able to start working toward a baptismal date with both of them!! Any ways my Grandma Anna had a hard week this week. Her Ex-husband that she had been taking care of passed away on Friday.. We went and just talked to her for awhile on Saturday and she was super cute and told us how they met and everything. She hated the guy but its still hard to lose someone who has been such a big part in your life. But she has faith enough to know that God loves all his children and will do whats best for everyone. She has really helped me and my testimony because how strong her faith is. Anyways it was a good week and I'm excited for this week. We get to got to the Temple on Fri!!!! I'm pretty happy about that! I love all of you and hope its been a good week! Enjoy the Christmas season ok!!!!! and I don't know yet when we can Skype on Christmas but I do know that I can call you to help us get all set up so that will be great! Remeber who we are celebrating and Merry Christmas all! I love you guys so much! Love E Macfarlane!

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