Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

how is your weeks been?? are yall getting excited for Christmas? I am! what time on Christmas would be best for me to skype?? I'll get to call you to get it all set up on Christmas! 

haha anyways this week has been pretty hard. We had a lot of people go out of town and its been a little harder to get along with my new companion. I'm trying though! We got to do a Temple session on Friday! which was super cool! I've been wanting to go for awhile! We also got to do some family history work on Tuesday and that was awesome! I found a name on Dads side that I could do Temple work for which would be sweet! 

Hhaha its actually getting really cold now! It snowed again yesterday and the wind is blowing like crazy today! I hope its still warm and Sunny In the VA! my coat has kept me warm though! 

We had a missionary youth fireside yesterday with one of our wards! It was awesome! we had a RM who got back like 2 weeks ago talk and then one of our recent converts named Bro Cook who is super awesome!!(he invited us over for some Christmas dinner!) and a member of our mission presidency talk! It was pretty awesome! That was the first time bro cook has bore his testimony in public and we are going with him to do Baptisms for the dead on Dec 26! that will be super cool! I'm going to work pretty hard to make this week a better week but some prayers would help! I've been missing you guys the past week! but I'm staying focused! We have some member lessons this week and a whole mission gathering on Thursday which will be fun!! we are going to have a mission talent show and fireside! 

I love you guys and miss ya! have an awesome week! Merry Christmas! Love Elder Aaron Macfarlane!

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