Monday, January 7, 2013

Transfer to La Grande Oregon!

Happy New year Mi Familia!

haha i'm glad things sound like they are going well! I'm sure school started back up today so that will be fun  haha

so its transfers today and I got moved form Nampa to La Grande Oregon! its about 3 hours out of Boise and the absolute farthest area in the mission. Its a smallish town of about 12 thousand.. mainly college students at Eastern Oregon. My comp is Elder Bloomfield who seems pretty cool! he's been out about 16 months or so. We are actually in Onterio right now and will drive up to La Grande in a little.. Its a 2 hour drive and I'm the driver. lol its snowing like crazy right now! haha it felt so weird driving this morning after being on a bike for the past 4 months lol! haha pray I learn to drive in the snow quick!

La Grande is sort of up in the mountains in the middle of Oregon so it it crazy cold! Haveing a car will be nice though! It was pretty heard to leave Nampa. Luckily I got to say goodbye to many of my people on Saturday and Sunday.. Its tough, It does feel good though to know that I've worked hard down there and that the work is picking up! We had a baptism this coming Saturday for a 18yr old girl named Randy and its stinks I'm missing it but its ok! Its not important who's there just that it gets done. I have a bunch of good memories of my first area but I am excited to get to know the people of La grande! I'm going to be in a apartment with 3 other missionaries so that should be pretty fun! I'm sure I'll have some interesting stories for next week. La Grande was the highest baptizing stake in the mission last year so I'm ready to get to work and keep it up!

any ways that's all for me! Lets Go DUCKS!!! haha I love and miss yall a ton! Good luck with your surgery Dad! I hope all is well and you'll be out running again soon!

p.s I also have a bunch of pictures from my first area that I'll be sending home soonish!
P.s.s send letters and packages to the mission office USPS and they'll forward them to me! Thank you!!!

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