Monday, January 21, 2013

Getting our feet wet in Oregon

Hey all! 
So its been a hectic week here in Oregon! I took most of the week to get used to the area. I really like La Grande, it's in a valley surrounded by mountains so it is extremely beautiful around here! The people are awesome! there is not nearly as many members out here as the were in Idaho so it makes the work a whole ton different! I've noticed that nonmembers out here are much much friendlier and willing to at least talk to you. In Idaho most nonmembers turn us away pretty quickly.. so its a neat experience! 

This stake had over 60 convert baptisms last year and have high hopes for this year so I'm excited. My area is sorta dead right now though.. We don't have many current investigators or people that w met regularly with in general. So a huge focus for me and Bloom is finding people to teach!!! it is kind of cool to come in a dead area, it just means that I'll get to work like crazy and build this area back up! we got to give talks on Sunday and we met with our stake president about our missionary efforts! we have a ton of stuff that we want to start to try and get people excited again! we also are working with a bunch of the recent converts in the area to get them to the temple which is pretty cool! we got to help plan and set up a stake temple prep class! I'm stoked about it! anyways.. its cold and we been trying to keep warm. 

We have a bunch of stuff to get done this week for sure! My comp is awesome! we get along really well and living with another set of missionaries is a lot like the best 2 years so that's interesting lol! haha its fun though the are cool guys Elders Razzo and Bennet. 

Anyways thats about it! haha p-days are going to interesting because the nearest set of missionaries are about 45mins away!! haha! Love and miss you all a bunch! Dad i'm glad to here the surgery went well!!! Miranda get better!!
P.S we cover 2 really small towns named Cove and Union and they are both up in the Mountains and it way pretty up there!! I'll get you all some pictures soon! I forgot my camera cable today...

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