Monday, January 28, 2013

Speaking Chinese, 21-day Member Missionary program

Hey Family!!! haha so this has been a good week! alittle crazy... but good!

Soo after I emailed last Monday we whent to take pictures up in the mountains and Elder Lhemuller drifted our car into a snow bank... The damage wasn't to bad but its enough that after this transfer he will lose his driving privledges. That was super stressful but we are bringing our car in to be fixed today so it'll be nice to just get that done with! haha president wasn't that happy that he crashed the car after 2 days but he is awesome and very forgiving! Other then that me and Elder Lehmuller have been getting along very well! we both love sports and sold security systems and we've clicked pretty well. He is also very willing to work hard so that deffinitly helps to!

We were able to teach 18 lessons last week were this area has only thought around 11 for the past 4 months so that is exciting ! We are also seeing some blessings form that. We were able to pick up a new investigator yesterday at church! he's this super cool Chinese kid who is going to Easter Oregon right now but he just transferred from BYU and was meeting with the missionaries and wants to meet with them again! haha he obviously speaks Chinese and I'm realizing just how rusty i've gotten over the past 2 1/2 years but we are gonna meet acouple times a week and talk some Chinese! We have a lesson with him tonight and we are both super excited! We also have 3 more potentially promising investigators in Union that we are going to start working with this week!

We also have this 21 day member missionary program that we are going to start with our wards so we are hoping that some progress will sprout from that! We also gave talks this past week and will be teaching at a youth fireside in 2 weeks. I'm so glad that the area is beginning to pick up again and we are hopeing that we can bring it back to what it was last year! Our wards also get together at 630 Saturday morning's and we've been going to that and that is super fun! its been good for letting the members get to know us! Im definitely loving the area and the missionaries i'm working with and hopefully in the next few weeks we will find a bunch more instigators and start them on the path toward baptism!

Anyways thats about it.. I did have a question though, Could you guys burn me a cd with those super cheesy scripture mastery songs and also a few EFY cd's I know you can get them for free somewhere on Anyways I love you all a ton! Thank you so much for the support! P.S its snowed every night for the past 3 days and we are suppose to get 8 inches Tomorrow sometime... That will be crazy! I'll take some pictures for sure! 

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